stress levels depleted

2021.09.28 09:13 lynKx- stress levels depleted

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2021.09.28 09:13 oceanbreeze88 Would you be embarrassed or am I tripping?

So on my Instagram I started posting creative content and have an online blog. There is a company that I signed up for to get free product if I’m interested. I’ve never been interested until now (after 2 years) in a product and so I posted a little tutorial on my insta with the product and tagged the company as requested by company. This reel only got like 5 likes and I’m wondering why or what could have gone wrong? Then I look at the companies Instagram that I tagged and it’s bio says “the start of the influencer journey” and I’m 33, but look young. I’m kinda embarrassed, should I be?? Maybe it’s not embarrassing?
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2021.09.28 09:13 OrcaBorka Muffin is not thrilled to be a taco

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2021.09.28 09:13 thebigduck85 Anyone take anti depressants?

Hi all,
Been on trt for 3 years now. Levels are perfect, struggling a little with mental health, just don't feel happy and the things that use to make me happy no longer do. Lockdown has definitely made things worse and getting back to the gym has been a struggle.
Anyone else on a combination of TRT and anti depressants?
Not sure what else to try at this point.
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2021.09.28 09:13 tinkerbell2678 if it’s real it’s real, if it’s not, it’s not

nothing can be real and not real at the same time
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2021.09.28 09:13 ShugokiSmash99 I struggle to find reasons to play anyone but Vlandia?

Maybe it changed in the 2 months or so since I played but Sturgia sucks, The Empire factions usually wind up dying off slowly, but I like their aesthetic in general. Khuzaits are just kinda bleh to me despite being near overpowered, Aserai aren't explicitly bad but their cities are stupidly far into their territory, and Battanians are just kinda ugly. Vlandia is large, has a nice spread of cities, their major clans are far from frontlines, their units are all pretty solid, what more could you want? I WANT to play Sturgia but they always just get annihilated to the point they only have 2 cities left by the time I can even vassalize with anyone, plus their archers are/were hilariously bad and that's a shot in the foot in general.
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2021.09.28 09:13 LemonSquib What style of music is this guitar "solo"
Am curious how I can replicate this. Any particular scale/mode? Thanks!
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2021.09.28 09:13 Evening_Bee_9639 Ilve appliance delays

We've ordered an ilve range knowing there was going to be a lead time. With no expected delivery date in stone, curious on anyone else's experiences lately with ilve or appliances in general. This is an Italian made range, ordered thru appliances connection
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2021.09.28 09:13 Voaxas What conversations have you had with someone that sleep talks?

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2021.09.28 09:13 Axolyn Einhar gave some extra beasts this time (just a simple atlas mission, no scarab)

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2021.09.28 09:13 hitman_cat Merseyside Police have gained the Hunter trait

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2021.09.28 09:13 Wny_Wolf Got out my EZ track out of storage and set up an basic loop on the living room floor, ran some trains last night!

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2021.09.28 09:13 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:13 danTHAman152000 I have a G3 Bullet camera, but it won't boot up unless I use a POE injector

I have a 24 Pro switch ran to a Flex, which is connected to a G3 Pro and a G3 Bullet. The Pro turned on fine. I have to use a POE injector to get the Bullet to turn on. Everything is updated, the POE settings show it should work. Any suggestions?
I tried setting that port to 24v passive, but it didn't work either. Is there some weird setting or am I missing something?
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2021.09.28 09:13 EmployerNo8877 White/Fluffy bug

Sadly I don’t got a picture but it was a tiny white fluffy bug that almost resembles a clump of dust or some sort. Found in south texas
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2021.09.28 09:13 cubbish gay🥋irl

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2021.09.28 09:13 iamibox How to decrease height ?

How to decrease height ? Red marking address menu ... Red marking reddit web page menu...
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2021.09.28 09:13 Kenny_K-Man You’ve done the right thing

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2021.09.28 09:13 H25azbxwyz Fearless 4-year-old girl runs into the arms of Michael Myers in viral video

(Source: TODAY )
Watch the video in our channel:

Since his first appearance in the "Halloween" slasher films beginning in 1978, Michael Myers has become a horror icon many people find frightening.
Four-year-old Aria Alvarado isn’t most people.
In a video that has already garnered more than 3 million views on TikTok in 24 hours, Aria is seen celebrating her 4th birthday with her family in West Covina, California, when the "Halloween" theme music begins to play. The birthday girl quickly starts looking for Michael Myers from the movie series.
“I love him, ” she shouts as she paces back and forth with excitement, eventually spotting the character across the parking lot.
"Not by yourself" her family members scream to her. But Aria won't listen.
When she sees Myers, she shouts to him, “Michael Myers, I love you!” before enthusiastically running to him and jumping into his arms.
The 50-second video clip has gone viral on social media with viewers amused by the four-year-old's fearless infatuation with a fictitious, murdering serial killer.
“I love ‘spooky’ children, ” one person commented. “So wholesome in a weirdly good way."
Another user com (...) s him.”
“She’s been loving Halloween ever since she first watched ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas, ’” Alvarado says. “She loves many spooky movies including ‘Frankenweenie, ’ ‘Coraline, ’ ‘Corpse Bride’ and especially ‘Halloween’ with Michael Myers.”
Alvarado says she asked Aria how she would feel if Michael Myers came to her birthday party and that she became very excited. So, her husband donned the iconic blue jumpsuit and white ski mask to surprise their daughter.
“We knew she liked him, but we did not expect her to react like that" she says. "Her reaction was so funny, so I thought I’d post the little video online.”
Having only posted on TikTok once before and not being very active, Alvarado was blown away by the amount of attenti(...)
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.28 09:13 Bapholist So does finasteride work well for diffuse thinning or not?

First post here. I’ve read in the past that finasteride works best for diffuse thinning, but going over some reports again I’m reading a lot of people’s anecdotes that it doesn’t work at all. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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2021.09.28 09:13 Aromatic-District-42 F&F signup

Hi! Please delete if not allowed but I just need some clarification. When using a link for the F&F sale- is it only allowed for a new Beauty Insider account? Or can I register with my account that has manyyyy points on it 😅? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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2021.09.28 09:13 VenusPunisher Do you guys think natural gas will go more up today?

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2021.09.28 09:13 ollstar015 [Japanese>English]

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2021.09.28 09:13 haze4202 Admission process for NRIs?

Hi guys I am a 11th grade NRI student in the middle east and am planning to apply to India and Canada. I wanted to know if there is any things I should be aware of in BITS. The main reason I am planning to apply to BITs is because of their much less restrictive rules.
And before any of you say just forget about India and apply abroad that simply isn't an option. I am in a upper middle class household, so I found out I don't qualify for a huge amount of scholarships and US colleges usually expect insane extra curriculars for full fide scholarships. Seriously this is a huge problem when trying to get advice for college in India as an NRI.
Are there anything I need to prepare for or look out for when applying. If I do get accepted what are something that is unique to BITs that I can take advantage of?
I am aware that the cutoff is quite for CS which is the branch which I am aiming for. How long do I need to study for BITSAT to get that type of score on average.(Guesstimates are enough)
For context: I have lived in India for a few years of my schooling so the culture difference isn't big.
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2021.09.28 09:13 Turtle456 Geschichte einer Serienmörderin - Elfriede Blauensteiner die "Schwarzen Witwe"

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