laravel permissions usage

2021.09.28 10:31 anurat- laravel permissions usage

I'm designing a web app where there are several user roles and permissions so I try out laravel-permission which looks great and I can create roles and permissions according to the guide.
I created user roles: super-admin, admin, office-admin, inspector, user. And super-admin can grant admin role, admin can grant office-admin role and office-admin can grant inspector role.
And I created grant-user permission and UserPolicy which has grant() method that looks like this.
public function grant(User $user, User $model, string $role) { // super-admin can grant admin if ($user->isSuperAdmin() && $role === User::ADMIN) { return true; } // admin can grant office-admin if ($user->isAdmin() && $role === User::OFFICE_ADMIN) { return true; } // office-admin can grant inspector in the office if ( $user->isOfficeAdmin() && $role === User::INSPECTOR && $user->office->id === $model->office->id ) { return true; } } But then I do not use permissions table at all, just roles and UserPolicy. So I think I did something wrong here. What would be the use for permissions table in this case? What should be changed to use it correctly?
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2021.09.28 10:31 -jAsas- [Store]Skeleton Crimson Web FT 0.20,Karambit Doppler P4 0.01fv,Skeleton Slaughter MW,Talon Marble FN ST,Classic Fade 0.01,Ursus Fade 0.008fv,Gloves Commander WW,Gloves Smoke Out 0.29,M9 CW FT,Desert Printstream ST 0.16fv,Ak Panthera Onca WW,USP Kill Confirmed MW ST,Survival Knife FT blue gem

Skeleton Crimson Web 0.20float - B/O:70 arcs
Karambity Doppler P4 0.01 fv - B/O: 35
Skeleton Slaughter MW - B/O:50
Talon Marble Fade FN ST - B/O: 45
Classic Fade 0.01fv - B/O: 32
Karambit Black Laminate Ft -B/O:30
M9 Crimson Web FT B/O:20
Butterfly Scorched FT B/O:20
Gloves Smoke Out 0.29 fv - B/O:18
Gloves LT. Commander WW - B/O: 14
Desert Printstream ST 0.16fv - B/O:10
USP Kill Confirmed MW ST 0.10fv - B/O:15
Ak Panthera Onca WW - B/O: 12
Survival Knife CH FT 60% blue PS B/O: 12 arcs
M4 Bright Water MW with ibp, titan and coL kato14 - B/O: 8 arcs
Ak redline x4 ibp dreamhack B/O: 7 arcs
Awp redline ft col kato14 on scope - B/O: 3 arcs
Ak redline ft col kato14 on wood - B/O: 3 arcs
Some prices are negotiable and i accept skins too
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2021.09.28 10:31 paul-arized S21 September 1, 2021 update is available

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2021.09.28 10:31 ayegudyin After years of substandard and not very photogenic loaves I think I’ve finally cracked the sourdough

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2021.09.28 10:31 profesional-idiot Entitled kid gets beat up and Entitled dad gets run over

Hi all, this is kinda a update to my last post on relationshipadvice where I asked how do I tell my story to my dad. I am going to summarize
About 6 months ago a little entitle kid asked me if he can have my dog. I was like "yeah sure dude" very ironically. Since then he, and his family(6 kids, and the oldest was 13 yo , for context the kid that asked me for my dog was 11)
At this point he and his family starts harassing me and my dog. I told my dad and he said to go on another route. This was 1 month ago. Friday I needed to go to the store witch was next to the house of this family. It had been 1 month and I almost completely forgot about them, until the kid and 3 of his younger brothers started to yell stuff that I probably not allowed to say out here. Imagine a call of duty lobby but the parents incuraged them to be even more rude and annoying.
This kid was 11 yo, and the youngest one of his brothers that was yelling at me was not younger than 8. I get really mad and flip them the bird as I was walking.
Fast fowards 25 minutes later when I am coming back from the store on the other side of the road(the part of the sidewalk he was on was elevated, this becomes important later). The 13 yo starts yelling at me from the other side of the road and I go off on him, everything I know. He gets fucking mad
A bunch of cars are separating us at this point. While he is waiting for the rode to clear up, I'm tieing down my dog and leave my groceries next to him.
As I turn he is walking across the road and now that we are on equal ground he can see I'm about 10 cm taller than him. One of these pre-fight stand off started happening. Then his little ego could not stand what I was saying so he decided to trow out a punch. That guy was never in a real fight, he trew out one of those punches where you turn your torso and your arm, those ones take so long to hit you that even a blind guy could see that coming. So I block, punch that guy in the nose and notice his dad was sprinting towards the street, at that point I try to ko this guy in front of me. So I grab his right arm(the one that he tried to punch me with), turn around and body slam that bitch into the ground.
As I was turning around the father was crossing ready to beat my ass up, but one thing he didn't get to do is check for drunk truck drivers, he get hit by a truck and start sliding across the pavement. The truck drive that was drunk tried to stop but he still hit that guy.
Police was called, and the best part is all was recorded by a camera so I am completely off the hook. The 13 yo got a broken nose, and a broken arm and the dad has brain damage and was in a coma until yesterday. I fell kinda bad for that guy but I remember that the whole reason he was there was to steal my dog.
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2021.09.28 10:31 Dress-Important Musician for 10 years, new to piano

I've been a professional musician for 10 years and I play bass guitar. Whenever I play my MIDI keyboard I can figure out melodies and stuff by ear but that's pretty much all I can do. I write my own music and would like to play better so that I can program my music a lot faster.
What should I focus on and how should I go about learning the piano. I still feel lost when I sit on it. I don't want to develop bad habits that I might need to fix later
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2021.09.28 10:31 Likestuff12 Strapped up

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2021.09.28 10:31 Moondoggy235711 estimate of sums
Hi everyone,
I cannot figure out how they got the 2 in the second statement. Using summation by parts I only get Ca_m as estate.
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2021.09.28 10:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 10:31 BlackBlizzard321 My school bathrooms don't even have doors

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2021.09.28 10:31 BeefStroganoff69 I want to get into jazz, could I please get some artist recommendations?

Hello! So I’ve always loved math rock, and I know math rock takes a lot of inspiration from jazz. I wanna get into it but I don’t even know where to start, I’d love it if you guys could recommend your favorite jazz artists!
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2021.09.28 10:31 Cher2hot Seriously what is this? Its deranged!

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2021.09.28 10:31 allosson Can someone please convert for me a work to a previous version please?

I started at school yesterday 3ds max, and yesterday night i worked on it at home, i saved the file and everything but now i cant open it on the school pc cause they have the 2020 version, can someone open it on a 2021 version and share it back saved for the 2020 version?
I can send it by mail or discord, its a basic work of 800 kb, it needs less than 2 min to do that and i would be infinitely grateful!
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2021.09.28 10:31 c0rpsebride666 b plate food poisoning

to whoever caused my internal organs to squirm and rumble all day--embarrassing me in the dead silence of Powell library--and led me to feel disgustingly unwell for the rest of the night as I now wish for the sweet release of death I hope you never enjoy a moment's peace ever again..thank you
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2021.09.28 10:31 AgroTexGlobal Egypt: BGP International hires new procurement and sales manager BGP International, one of the biggest fruit exporters in Egypt, appointed a new procurement and sales manager...

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2021.09.28 10:31 Dtrinnie 🐶 STEPDOG 👑 | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

🐶 STEPDOG 👑 | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low 

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2021.09.28 10:31 Jack0w22 [ds3] [ps4] [help] grand archives

Comment for pass
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2021.09.28 10:31 Fireglod Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Question

I have just started claiming for AVCs through work

  1. Do I pay tax on the money that comes from salary into the AVC? If so - how much and up until how much?
  2. Is there a max I can put into AVCs each year or throughout lifetime?
  3. Are there any other tax implications I should be concerned about?
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2021.09.28 10:31 random_numb 5259901.38684

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2021.09.28 10:31 StarsAtLadakh [SwatiGS] Secularism in India: As all those who chopped off TJ Joseph’s hand over “blasphemy” were Muslims, the NIA appointed a Muslim officer. The first thing the officer tells Joseph is that he objects to his insulting the Prophet (Excerpt from TJ Joseph’s autobiography)

[SwatiGS] Secularism in India: As all those who chopped off TJ Joseph’s hand over “blasphemy” were Muslims, the NIA appointed a Muslim officer. The first thing the officer tells Joseph is that he objects to his insulting the Prophet (Excerpt from TJ Joseph’s autobiography) submitted by StarsAtLadakh to AgainstHinduphobia [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 10:31 Better_Physics5750 Hmm, I have never ever heard this bullshit before. Is this a fundie thing or is this an original Aunt Lori take?

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2021.09.28 10:31 collegethrowaway987 [22M] [Chat] Work in a few hours, can’t sleep, let’s talk about literally anything at all!

Hey everyone!
Like the title says, I have to work here before too long and it’s getting to the point where falling asleep would just make it harder to wake up than to stay awake.
Took some ~magic fungi~ quite a while ago if you catch my drift and currently settling back into reality and am down to talk about anything! Want to exchange ideas on the meaning of life? Sure. Want to talk about video games? Sports? Just want me to listen while you rant about whatever you got going on? I’m down for just about anything as long as I don’t have to sit here with only my own thoughts!
I’m 22 years old and in my final (hopefully) year of college. I have a wide range of hobbies and interests from camping, hiking, fishing to video games, boards games, and movies. I’m way too ADHD to pick one hobby or interest some whatever your interests are, I’ve probably briefly indulged in it as well.
Truthfully I don’t know if anyone will read this and reply or if I’m typing this just to die in cyberspace but who cares. Message me or chat me, I don’t care which one, ask me anything you wanna know and let’s see if two strangers who happen to be using this subreddit can somehow become friends.
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2021.09.28 10:31 LowellMcdaniel55 m

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2021.09.28 10:31 BoydOrr Electrician recommendations?

Looking to install a switch for an induction hob, anyone able to recommend an electrician that's done a similar job for them?
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2021.09.28 10:31 reubenbubu My fastest metric century so far, 3 hours 6 minutes

Pretty happy with this ride, tried to keep it as steady as i could power wise without surging too much and coasting as little as possible, also surprised my HR was fairly low, must be the temperatures going down.
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