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2021.10.23 05:06 Lucky_Attention_3192 Challenge

If I get all awards I will do what the top comments says
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2021.10.23 05:06 mirrrac I made a Sadaharu costume for Lynn!

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2021.10.23 05:06 acesuttles ARTHEN: FINDING ONESELF By Ace Prologue #WIP #AmWriting #Epic #Fantasy #EpicFantasy

In a cave on a raining dreary night, the lightning flashes in the sky. The roaring thunder crackles all through the clouds. A helpless woman crawls in her rags into a cave to keep dry. She suspects that nothing hides in this cave. Then a two-legged wolf stands on its hind back legs. He signals with a closed palm from his pack. “Get to an old, rugged farmhouse on a lonely hill. Those three children will be kidnapped and taken to Licosandra.”
The werewolf slits its right wrist. It holds the wrist over the fire. There it states his name. “I’m Onlif. I oversee the gates of the Light Realm. I realize your name, Martha. First you need to go see the blind Oracle inside the sundial.” Onlif blows out white breath. It transposes the rags into some handmaiden dress.
“My only advice for you, Martha. When you find the sundial pray to the gods for an answer.” He hands her a torch, and points to the crack in the cave.
Martha grips on the torch. She wiggles through the cracks. There she exits the darkness. Outside of it lays a horse equipped, she climbs on the saddle. The color stands out from the usual standards of horses. “It’s a neon purple.”
The magical mount stampedes to the next destination. She grips on the rings. When it halts from the ride, Martha eases down from the leather saddle. She glares at the details of the horseshoe rock formation. There her eyes catch some mystery symbols.
She recognizes the distinctions of the carvings. Each one stands across from the other. The top left represents the direction of the west, as the top right presents the east. The colors for one another brightens with green and a light blue from the eastern. “Each one stands out for the lost kingdoms in the different realms.”
She creeps to eye level with a hidden message between the east and west. It reads “Running with each other.” She waves a hand in the mythical dust. The words blur in and out. There seems to be a release mechanism. She places her index finger over it. It presses the button. An unlock overshadows the noise.
A secret entrance of spiral stairs opens in the center. She smacks some flint together forming fire on her torch. Martha stays on her guard for unknown surprises from the shadows. Her confidence shortens because of the whistles in the cracks from the wind. The flame flickers then it blows out.
The howls of whispers speak in the fierce winds. Martha attempts to make out the words. She yells as the ground crackles in ripples. Then a white as snow man stands out from the sounds. His long dirty beard appears out from his gray robe. “Martha, I assume. I’ve been waiting for you. Please follow.”
Martha stays close, as she follows. “My name is The Father of All Realms.” He strolls with a staff. She keeps quiet for further instructions. The Father gestures with a curvy hand signal. “My four children need your guidance. Wait for all four reach their teenage years.” He enters a large chamber with a ghostly tree in the center.
He presses a red emerald stone. “King Yeonidas is a tyrant over the Pythons. His plans involve the Dragon-Born King of Licosandra. Lure him to the Mirror of Truths. Then seal it with this amulet.”
Martha asks a simple question. “What realm is this domain?”
“Light. Its guardians are those children.”
He paces in front of the giant tree. “Your first challenge will be attempting to fight with King Yeonidas. If you wear this amulet in front of the king, it will reveal his true demon form.” Martha latches the chain around her neck.
“What weapon will I fight with on these bad guys?”
“You are made of spiritual powers. Learn you true self.” He guides her to the teleport from this cavern. “This symbol hides the Tree of Realms from people who wants its powers.”
Martha dissolves from his presence. She appears in front of the entrance. Her horse nudges the back of its companion. “So, you know where these children are. Take me to them.” She jumps on the saddle. The mount storms to the northern plateau.
Her animal guide stays off the main roads. It speaks without missing a beat of the words. “Martha, I must help you to discover your true calling.” Her eyebrows raise from the mysteries of this horse.
“Could you speak this whole time?”
It pounds its left hoof and nods. “I didn’t want to scare you from the main purpose of this mission.” Without thinking it halts from the danger in front of them, he points his nose in the direction of some berry bushes. “There’s some bandits hiding over there. You need to purify their souls.”
The enchantment mystic horse transposes from his animal form. “I’m a man for our journeys around humans.” He kneels into a pray formation. “Pray from the light in your heart.”
She follows suit. “What am I praying for?”
“Find a true reason.”
She presents herself in front of the wilderness men and women. Her eyes examine their dirty fur clothes. Each one releases a scent of stenchy small from no bathing.
The much bigger muscular man pushes his way in front of this cleanliness woman. “Who or what are you?”
“I’m Martha. What troubles you? It’s in your eyes.”
He lets down his guard for peace among his leadership. His two in second command stay back from her enchantment spells of words. “Stay away from her and judge not by the voice.”
“Martha, you say. Are you going to change my mind of raiding that village over the hill?”
She steps back one motion. She exchanges a different stance with both her feet and hands. Her palms ignite with a golden grievance. “I’m here for the innocent of all the people.”
“Surround her. It’s just one woman.” Five bandits circle Martha. The single woman forms both palms together. She focuses on a paradigm spot in each of the chest. A pure white beam locks on the hearts of the pillagers. “Wait! What are you doing to my friends?”
“Cleansing the darkness from King Yeonidas out of their hearts and minds.” Their souls attach for the purging from the living world of the Light Realm. “The judgment for either the Stairs of Heaven or the Underworld.”
“You are a witch of this realm.” The leader scatters into the close nip forest. His footprints disappear from being track. The physical bodies of the raiders of these woods turn to ash.
Her animal guardian steps out from the shadows. She pouts by squatting and skips some pebbles on the ground. “I don’t know why he called me a witch of the Light Realm.” He stands as her shadow.
“You must choose between Light and Dark on your path.” He extends his hand to assist Martha to her feet.
“Now where too?”
“Call me Alffery for now on during this adventure.”
“Okay, Alffery. It is.” She cleans up the ashes from the patrons. He knows of a spell and studies the new saint.
“You are going to purify those lost souls from the Underworld.”
She smirks a slight smile before comprehending that these leads to a spell.
Alffery slides out his right hand. “I can show you just this once on how to perform your first spell.” She hesitates and shrugs her shoulders.
“Alffery, allow me to show you because it came to me in a vision when the purging happened.”
He drops his assistance. He reads with his secure eye sockets about the growth of his master.
She commands for Alffery into the center of this seclude forest from civilization.
There she finds nine stones to form the firepit. For a few seconds on one knee, Martha squints for another time lapse. In her bird’s eye view, she highlights the different herbs for the mixture. “I’ll be back in a few twinkles of your eyes.” She teleports back in milliseconds.
“Just who are you, Martha.” He sits across from this mystical being in the Light Realm.
She grips on an Obsidian Slade with her left hand. She slits the right palm with it. Then there she drips five drops of blood on the pile of ash. After the ash soaks up blood, it divides equal into the victims. The herbs clean away the evil from King Yeonidas. “Now you’re free from this imprisonment of darkness.” The piles of particulars ascend into the heaven’s night sky.
Alffery’s stamina drains to zero. He transforms back into an alpha steed. Martha rolls up her leather pelts and straps it back on the saddle. Before she straddles her horse, the woman closes her eyes and listens for different innocent voices of this region.
In the northeast, she overhears troubles at one of the thirteen great farms in this realm. “Alffery to the northeast.” He stampedes in that direction. Outside of the center forest lays an unusual rock formation, Martha eases down. Her senses gather somewhat of evilness guards this territory.
She holds out both palms facing upwards. Two spheres of white light pull particulars from thin air. Alffery stays quiet. He realizes this spell discovers secrets. Martha tracks down the semi strong demonic artifact.
The spheres engulf the darkness as she appears to get closer. Alffery rustles his hooves from the restlessness of some type of magical caverns. She swifts in his direction. “What kind of cave is this?”
The ominous powers instance changes Alffery into a man. It draws him up a hilltop.
Martha dashes next to her animal guide. “What have you found?”
“I think I might have found the hidden entrance.”
Her spheres connect as she steps down the dirt path from this hilltop. Alffery halts from somewhat of a shield. “This allows just immortals to passthrough.” Martha focuses her ears on the front for trouble.
Some type of an enchantment element attaches around the waist. It drags her forward on the ground. “Behave!”
Her left hand becomes an intensive hot blue. There she slices through the mystical power.
She rolls from the release. She lies on her stomach. She blinks in a triple set. Her eyes glare for heat transmissions. There stand two emerald statues. “Are they draining my powers?”
A bold demeanor voice speaks into the mind of Martha. “Enter if you dare, but beware.” It repeats in the echoes. She evades without a noise.
The inattentive statues fire random beams from the skies. She examines for some shadows of these mysterious devices. She keeps trucking and rolling in several different directions. “Whatever kind of magic, it doesn’t appear in the shadows.”
“Why are you here, Saint of the Light Realm?”
Voices rattle the landscape. She aims a palm at the head of the emerald godlike statue. There it halts the attack. “Come forward for a final judgement between the twins of polar opposites.”
Martha struts in confidence that these bluish emerald statues. “Our names are Atrica and Atric. We are the gatekeepers of this realm.” They break composure from their dead like stances. Each one paces with its eyes studying Saint Martha.
“Inside is the Mirror of Truths, it leads to the realm of Licosandra.” Both flash their eyes consistence. “Now the dangers begin for your journey.” The barrier collapses into the ground.
She enters with unsure of the outcome. When her foot touches in this sacred ground, her surroundings in an instant change to darkness with lit torches. Sprites light the ground with their spiritual flowers. Some tosses out mirages for the sake of nonbeauty in this dreary with freezing temperatures. She shivers with goosebumps forming on her arms. “Breathe Martha. You can do this.”
The ground tremors a little as Martha stays on her guard. Different rats scatter as she approaches in the opposite direction. “What were those animals?”
She crouches to release a trap. It sticks out saw blades from the wall. “I need to do better with my spiritual powers on living.”
The intensive of the tremors grow vicious as the woman takes steps closer. Ghosts that resemble King Yeonidas flies at the physical form of Martha. Words whisper through the cracks that echo. It shatters stalactites fall from the ceiling.
Stalagmites crumble as Martha catches herself arriving in a haunted chamber with cobwebs all over the room. She swooshes both of her index fingers in opposite directions. Two flames dissolve the webs. “What is this place?”
There stand four pillars with birdlike carvings from the bottom to the top of each one. In the middle lays a bluish rustic throne, a skeleton sits with his left hand over the leather strap of an unknown sword as the other one guards a golden shield with the emblem of two fangs from a python. “King Yeonidas sacrificed his immortality for some strange reason.” She halts in place from the sight of an enchantment spell over this section. “Come for the final blow king.” She changes from a passive stance to an aggressive one.
The skeleton jars its hand over the handle of the sword. A magical twister transposes the bones into a duplicate lively form of King Yeonidas. It grips the enchantment sword. “You’re not King Yeonidas.” It locks a connectivity lasso around Martha.
“Witch, I may not be there, but you will die in my front door of my domain.”
She prepares for a battle. There Martha gathers an enormous amount of power. Her skin cracks on her shoulders. “This energy will crush your fakeness in this enchantment chamber. Do you want to continue?”
King Yeonidas opens an unknown portal behind him. “Another day may this continue, but not right at the moment.” He enters and vanishes any sign of his whereabouts.”
She twirls her left index finger in the air for proof of some sort of evidence in the throne room. No signs of an enchantment particular for dissect the purpose. “I need to talk to Alffery.” Martha catches a glimpse of a full-size wall mirror. It draws her curiosity.
The mirror pulses in syllables as it speaks in a monotone. “State your name.”
Martha stutters a little than her poise changes. “I’m Martha of the Light Realm.”
“Saint Martha, the Protector and Mother of the Light Realm, he will take the child, but don’t become sad. Your heart must stay with purify and cleansing or your soul will devour the Tree of Realms.” It pulses four colors, blue, green, pink, black. “You may leave the Mirror of Truths.”
“What did the Mirror of Truths mean, Mother of the Light Realm?”
Martha turns in the other direction. Dust from one of the walls flies in her eyes. She wipes the dust out of them. She stands out of the cave. She picks up her jog. Then without looking she bumps into her animal guide. “Alffery, what do you know of King Yeonidas?”
Alffery tilts his head in the direction of the ground. “King Yeonidas wants the Immortals of the Light Realm along with the Tree of all Realms.” He lifts her hand to direct them out of the forests. She grips his hand from the reason.
“Martha, we need to keep moving because there’s a hefty bounty on your head and mine.” He transforms into a different color horse and a black steel carriage. There are two men for their situation. The driver waits for the valor to help Martha in the carriage.
“Where’s Alffery?”
“He’s inside waiting for your presence.” She accepts the hand as she steps up and enters.
Inside sits a clean-shaven man that wears a solid black outfit, he grins as Martha takes her seat across. “Head north keep the driving unnoticeable from outsiders.”
“The next stop Ritual of Caretaker.”
“Okay that’s good.” He crosses his leg and leans back. His eyes study this woman. She keeps a stern composure.
“Please explain yourself, Alffery?”
“Martha, I’m working on being able to enter the Golden Gates of Heaven. I’m officially dead. On this journey to rescue Oliver, Angelica, and Atum, you’ll realize the true reason for my being here. Until then, stay focus about thirteen bounty hunters want your head.”
She glares out of the window as the horse carriage stampedes across the open road. She closes her eyes for meditation. It rejuvenates her powers. Then an enchantment vision takes place in slow motion.
Bits of pieces from her memory haunts Martha. She wakes up in the middle of the night to a thunderstorm. Rain spits in through the shutters of the window. “Where am I?”
“You’re in an Inn. We had to make a pitstop for the night. Just relax and sleep, you need to build up your strength and stamina.”
She wakes up at first dawn. Alffery hands her a cup of coffee. She sits up and sips on the hot beverage.
He places his drink on the end table. “We’re going up stream to gather information.” The morning sunrise shines through the double panel windows. Alffery stirs around by making some breakfast. Martha prepares for the day before she heads down the stairs.
The sizzling of the bacon and sausage. She stands in the downstairs' doorway of the kitchen. “Have you always cooked?”
Martha and Alffery sit around the kitchen table one last time. “Martha, when you enter an enchantment city, there are a two simple rules. One: no warping to other places in the city. Two: a person’s magic is deactivated when he or she enters.”
She takes a few bites from her plate. “How do you know when the city is a sanction one or not?”
She finishes her meal. Alffery gets up from the table. He starts washing the dishes. “Majority of the cities have a crucifix of a duplicate Tree of All Realms.”
He attends to another chore. The dishes keep washing and drying. “We’ll leave here in about two hours. You should go and pack.” The spells work when Alffery stays in the room. He snaps twice for the spells to quit.
He gestures for Martha to step out first. Then he shuts the door behind them. His house transposes into an empty field. “This way.” He directs her to the ferry docks.
They skimpier down a rock stone step pathway. There Alffery looks both ways before crossing the dirt road. The traffic dies down for a few minutes. He grips on her hand and runs.
Alffery pays for both passengers. They stroll up the stairs. A dark ominous power scatters all over the vessel. “What is it?”
“Someone on this ship is full of evil energy.”
Martha strolls the lower deck. She searches for an unknown darken spell. There at the higher deck her eyes glance at an angle. “Who might you be my evil friend?”
She stays at a distance, until the mystery man huffs and puffs with a slight annoyance. He introduces himself first. “Martha, I assume. I’m one of thirteen bounty hunters from the Norrician clan. My name is Meahorn.”
“Why aren’t you attacking?”
“This ferry is taking us to a sacred city. Were there’s a truce for all of fighting in the Light Realm.”
Meahorn chuckles as he steps away from the sight of Martha. Alffery strolls up as the bounty hunter struts past him. He recognizes the aura around the older man.
“That is a Norrician, what did he want with you?”
“He warned me of thirteen bounty hunters from the Norrician Clan.”
“Their good at being successful on their mark. You should practice defending for worse enemies.”
She smirks with a slight smile, but Martha understands some type of difference in the Light Realm. She disappears in the crowd of passengers celebrating the new moon.
Her eyes glimpse at four tattoos on an individual that sits on a bench. He stares at her feet before speaking. “Martha of the Light Realm, I presume?” She pauses in the dim shadows. “How do you know my name?”
“Someone in a black cloak told me to be on this boat ride.” He removes his hood from covering the face of Father Time of the Light Realm.
“We need to talk in private. I must explain more of your mission.” He rises from his bench. His surroundings freeze in a subtle manner.
“What is happening to the other people?”
“Oh, don’t worry about them. I’m Father Time of this realm.” The people move in a super slow motion as he leads her inside through the restaurant. He guides her down another deck of the ship.
The old gentleman gestures for the crowd to exit. Meahorn sits with his legs sprawled open. “Father Time, I presume. You’re on our list for the one who can behead the Father.” He points as the bounty hunter jumps to his feet. “We will see eye to eye one way or another.”
Father Time stands his firm ground. “Damn Norricians. Let’s get the meeting started.” Martha uses infare spell on Meahorn.
“Now I will know his whereabouts.”
The Father glances out of the angle of his left eye. He freezes time. There he circles Martha. He measures the blood flow without laying a hand on her. The results of surging particulars that attach to the blood cells. He whispers to himself. “What is this specimen?”
He snaps his fingers. “Just who are you?”
She stutters and backs away in two steps. “I’m unsure if I’ll ever find my true self.”
She wipes the wrinkles out of her dress. There she commands the Father. “You know who I am or become later in life.”
“I do. Martha, only you have to come to true terms of a mighty decision.” The Father leans back in a wooden chair.
He grips on a curvy wave walking stick. Then he spreads his arms over the table. Dust from the walking stick disperses it all over the tablecloth. He straightens the stick next to his chair. Then he hammers the bottom of it on the marble floor.
A magical miniature diagrammatic map forms on the square stone table. Father Time waves his right hand over the right side of this map. “Over these lands lie an unknown treasure. It haunts those lands. Martha, you need to go and cleanse the lands.”
She studies the tiniest details about the eastern lands with an unknown curse that troubles those lands. “How will I know when I’m at the situation?”
“You will just know because of how the power in your soul reacts.”
He excuses himself by pushing back the chair. He stands and glances down one last time at this precious woman. “Martha, this journey might make a saint of the Light Realm over you.” He strolls past the table. She immediate turns and attempts to find the old man in the crowd.
“Okay, Martha. What did you learn for meeting Father Time?”
She places her elbows on the table. The spell pieces away into the sky of tavern. Martha focuses on the patterns of the behavior of the Father Time. A trance overtakes the physical sphere from Martha. Her limbs move identical. She copies a percent of power from Father Time. It absorbs in all three spheres. “Thank you, Father Time.”
She swipes the table with her right hand. Then the spell hides from other passengers. There she studies the room and smiles. “I have the ability to freeze time from the Father.” She rises with ease from the stone table. Something distracts her thoughts in a form of an Eternal enchantment spell. “Now my full attention is on the eastern region of the Light Realm.”
Martha steps up to the higher deck. She appears next to Alffery. As the two stands there, the wind blows through their hair. Alffery speaks in a soft tone. “Did Father Time setup your new destination?”
“He did.”
Alffery gestures for Martha to follow him. He strolls at a slow pace. In front of them lies a solidify platform, he glances down at her. “This will take us close to the new destination.”
The warp teleport sends both outside a village. Alffery mutates into a horse. Martha climbs onto the saddle. “Do you know where you are going?”
Dirt rises as Alffery stampedes on the road. “There’s a town like thirteen miles away. It has an Inn for the wait of this storm.” Martha searches in the sky, but someone throws her off Alffery. She bounces back to her feet. She forms two lightning bolts in each hand.
“Who’s there?”
A pack of black as coal wolves moves in a zigzag motion. “What are you doing in these cursed lands?”
The leader of the pack demands an answer from the protector of the Light Realm.
“He’s a manipulator and a trickster.” The head of the pack howls for a retreat.
Alffery tracks down Martha. He finds her in an open field of flowers. She sits down and confuses to the gods of the Light Realm. “I don’t know my true calling. Give me a single sign.” She closes her eyes and a connection around the area forms a symbol from the heavens.
Her animal guide stands above the ground where she kneels. His facial expression doubts his importance. She catches it out of an angle from her eyes. He extends an arm to help her up from the ground.
She levitates with her new powers. “My, my you’re getting powerful.” She leans forward as if her breathing kicks into hyperdrive.
“There’s a village nearby that I need to speak with over the No Return Mountain.”
Alffery with no control transfigures back into a mighty steed. Martha jumps high on the saddle. She whips the rings for full control over her personal animal guide. “Martha, you’re losing the saint in you.” He storms directly in the center of their location.
Alffery hurdles fallen dead whole trees. He splashes through ankle deep creeks. Near the end of it all, he slings wet thick mud from his hooves. Martha pulls up on the rings. Alffery halts aggressive that it almost cost his footings.
“I need to stay focus, Alffery. I am sorry.”
Alffery bucks his master off him. There he struts towards her as he transforms back into a man. He grips her forehead and recites. “You have a parasite particular from the dust of Father Time.”
“That has been my whole problem. Oh no.”
She forms a pray hand sign. “Release the evil from my soul.” It kicks the demon out from its attachment. “There it is.” She strikes it with a lightning bolt. Alffery comforts his master from the betrayal of a stranger. “Father Time knows your true self. Your memories were erased for a reason.” Martha smiles for the small tidbit information.
“When will they come back to me?”
“Maybe from the Eternal Flame. I remember a tale of it being in this region.”
Alffery insists on resting for a little while before heading into a farming village. “Let’s stop for a couple of hours.” Martha agrees. He sets up a campfire. Then tosses out his mat to rest on for this time.
She lays with her back away from the fire. There by accident she falls into a silent sleep. In the darkness, her eyes glance at four children. “Who are you may I ask?” The children turn their backs away from her. She sprints in their direction, but it keeps getting to be a longer distance. Someone stands behind the children. “Martha, one will be mine and three are yours.”
The darkness flashes beside her, but the situation for Martha rushes as she sprints in place. “Awake, the sacrifice.” It startles her from the nap. Alffery sits as if something horrific watches over them.
“You must send him back to Licosandra Realm or else.”
Suddenly, the ground rambles with fierce force. Trees lean to one side. The animals flee from the area. Martha hovers into midair with some sort of a force shield surrounds her. Alffery jumps to his feet a fear. He hollers. “Martha! Martha! I can feel your pain and sorrow!”
Her eyes roll backwards. She attaches her energy lasso around the body of Alffery. He attempts again. “The reason your able to do this to me is because I’m made from you! Please allow my guidance on your true purpose for the Light Realm!” The rope fades in and out as if her focus becomes distracted. The shield shatters of no concentration. He strides fast before Martha hurts from falling backwards. His arms catch the sorceress of the Light Realm.
Martha with a coarse voice asks Alffery. “Is my soul connected to four children?”
He helps Martha to her feet. Then he rolls up his mat and dumps water over the fire along pouring dirt over it. “The four children are Oliver, Angelica and Atum, twin sisters, along with the baby, Kyoat.” He touches her forearm for a location. “I don’t have a tracking on the whereabouts of the children.”
She gestures for Alffery to be quiet. “Someone’s near over in that wall of trees in the single line.”
A farmer in coveralls holds a torch for light. “Do you people need someplace to stay?”
He waves for the two to follow him. “These words aren’t safe from the mountain that overshadows this village.”
Alffery shrugs starts to follow. Martha concentrates for her powers into a lower mode of control. She tags along since her animal guide trusts the farmer.
“Why were you two in the outskirts of this small region called No Return?”
Alffery subtle asks for some information. “What can you tell us about the Mountain of No Return?”
He hides his powers in the back of his head. He uses his telekinesis to speak with Martha. “These people burn magical creatures at the stake. Keep your powers hidden until further notice.” The farmer stays on track because of the enchantment creatures at night.
“These lands are the homes of the most mythical creatures in the Light Realm.”
Martha wakes up Alffery. “I’m being summoned by the cursed evil in this region.” She slips out without waking the farmer. Alffery follows suit. Both sneak to the stone passageway that leads up to the Mountain of No Return.
She jokes with Alffery. “Let’s see if we’re not going to return.” She giggles because whatever curses this mountain it switches her powers from a low intensity to a supercharge. Alffery collapses suddenly.
“Go without me.” He rests with his head between his knees.
Clouds gather with a dense of purplish black color. Martha inhales and exhales three times. “Eternal Flame. It calls to my spirit.” She races up the hilly stone path.
As Martha dashes up the path, thunder rattles the sky on both sides of her. Without noticing something grabs her attention, a mystery vision sparks with a conversation between her and some mythical man. “Who might that mythical man be? Why am I facing that stranger?”
A flashforward light grabs her drags, Martha. It cuts lose from her in front of the entrance. A deep voice echoes throughout the rocks. “Now we’ll talk before I cut you down.”
She examines every carving and crevice for something out of the ordinary. Some dried dirt tries to hide the symbols of the four corners in a compass on the Light Realm. Martha summons a rapid water to wipe the dirt away. “Oh, the symbols of the four demigods of the directions.”
The cravings outline in a particular color. Her eyes strike a lasso of magic with each one. Then her body shocks with an absorption of memories. Tears flush down her cheeks. “How can those realms be distraught with a power struggle?”
The memories lock deep inside her subconscious. “I guess these magical memories aren’t ready to reveal themselves to me.” She meditates for the rest of the day and night. Her concentration needs to line up with the unknown shield of the entrance. At dawn on the third break of sunlight, the shield evaporates into the sky. Martha rises to her feet. She inhales and exhales for the last time on being around daylight. Inside deep in the heart of the mountain, Meahorn waits for their chat.
“This place is tomb of a labyrinth.”
The horrifical stench of blood, and the decay corpses flow all through the Eternal Caverns. “I see that this place needs cleansing.” She kneels after one step inside the tunnel. There she prays in a meditation stance.
“Your powers are weakening.” Meahorn shadows strike with a two-handed sword. It strikes five times. Martha spells out golden hand shields. She defends against this monster. Then she slices the mythical spell of darkness down the middle. Its soul ascends upward.
“No, Meahorn, you have me wrong.”
She stands fierce for once. Her powers strike in several waves. The damaging souls rise and some. “Thank you for forgiveness of my evil past.”
She grins showing a few teeth in enjoyment. The cave creatures’ glow with a slight bluish color. “Who gave me this amnesia?”
An enchantment memory fades black and white around Martha. Out of thin air, a walking stick with an emerald at the top allows the protector of this realm. “Use my powers for good and forgive the mislead unfortunate.” She jumps in midair and wraps a hand around it. The black and white density memories absorb back in the mythical staff.
Martha levitates with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. The strikes from black and white dense memories ignite a fiery blue flame that surrounds her body. Then magically Alffery breaks his role of her conscious. He tosses some unknown mythical cloak around her body. “Martha, we need to go together to face Meahorn. It will unlock a vivid memory for the both of us.”
“Alffery, thanks for pulling me out of that nightmare.” She hugs him. He pulls Martha to her feet.
“Let’s do this together.” He follows and examines every detail for traps or other dangers.
She leads with the two legendary enchantment items with her. Martha holds out the staff for the coordinates to follow. Her cloak of Knowledge seeps up the magical darkness. Then it spits out the sterilize spirits.
The landscape changes somewhat often as they stroll deep into the caverns. Alffery holds out a torch for more light. Martha places her hands on her head. She moans in an agony pain. “He’s torturing my memories.” Her powers pace from high to low.
Alffery knows this spell of telekinetic. He places his palm on her back to soothe the pain. Without hesitating she gains full strength. “I see you now, Meahorn.”
She leans for a little bit on the shoulder of Alffery. Her teeth grind as she gains composure. Then without any sign of a heads up she pounds her staff onto the dirt floor. Power echoes to torture Meahorn. The rattling of sound collapses him on one knee in the chamber hall.
Some stalactites crash to the floor next to the bounty hunter. The tremors crack and split the floor with a slight end. “Oh. She’s gaining some sort of a memory. This just keeps getting interesting.”
He firms his grip on his two-handed ax before striking a blow. The blow echoes through crevices and cravings. Emeralds fuse the lighting the floor that draws Martha and Alffery. “Escape these cleansing caverns.”
Martha races as her strength creeps stronger. Alffery follows, but his speed stays at a normal rate. The breathing clears from the poisonous toxins. Then another quake becomes an overall tremor that rocks, and dust fall on the heroes.
“Go end this early battle, Martha. I’ll catchup.” He keeps his pace. Then something catches his attention.
He enters an enchantment chamber. A mural of the gathering surrounds the walls.
“It’s the four lost kingdoms. Each guardian is an Immortal of the Light Realm.” He spins without catching the sound of King Yeonidas. “Alffery, you need not to tell her about the truth. Father Time will set the realms in chaos if she learns it from you.”
“King Yeonidas. I’m surprised that you show some type of an emotion. Your people captured Licosandra from the Dragons. Why should I believe you?”
The king sparks his two-handed sword as it drags on the surface of the stones. He dives it forward, but Alffery dissolves into thousands of particulars. “I know what will happen if I reveal the truth.” The voice crisps in the darkness.
A dark flame opens for the king to step inside, but he blows a dusting of poison through the air. Alffery stays at a distance. His eyes glance at both Meahorn and Martha. He overhears the command from his master.
“We’re not done yet.” She lassos with a mythical silk from the enchantment animals of silkworms. It drains a small amount from Meahorn. There he heats up the rope with an electrical shock.
“Now we are getting somewhere. Lady of the Light Realm, you will learn the truth, but not from me.” He punches the ground with force. A river of electricity crumbles the rock. She tucks and rolls out from the attack.
She tosses in an instance four blasts. Two hides inside the first ones, but Meahorn blocks than dodges. A silver golden blade strikes him all over his body. He spits up a lot of blood. Martha appears to stand over his body. His last breath speaks. “Martha, you must be careful around the children.” She holds those words in bold. Alffery stands behind Martha. She speaks to herself. “What did Meahorn mean?” A startled by a man’s voice. “You must learn about each child but be warn about the power from a true dark sorceress will end your life.”
She shrugs and leads them down a crooked rugged stone pathway. Martha wonders about Alffery. Her powers feel an interconnection with him. “We need to tell the farmers that the demonic powers are cleansing.”
The pathway leads to a wishbone. “One way looks as if leads down the mountain. Let’s go back inside the mountain.” She directs them back into the darkness. “The Eternal Flame sits in front of us.” She opens both palms. An instant connection between her three spheres ignites the flame. She starts to pass out, but Alffery catches her with both arms.
“What is happening?”
The flame combusts and crackles. Alffery awakes Martha with a single teardrop. She smiles and hugs her animal guide. “We need to tell the villagers.”
“The villagers will be glad.” He helps Martha to her feet. At the entrance Alffery shapeshifts back to a horse, he commands some swift words. “Let’s go.” Those words place Martha on the saddle. He storms down the stone rugged steps. The sun sets straight up during the day. Martha warns to the villagers. “You must make an offering to the Eternal Flame for protection of these lands.”
“What about the four Immortal children?”
She ignores the comment but wonders something. The villagers watch as she gallops down the road. She leans toward to the ear of Alffery. “Are the four Immortal children the same ones we’re looking for?”
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2021.10.23 05:06 lancisman1 Two buildings I will have in my custom village. (this is just a test world to test)

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2021.10.23 05:06 TheSlowMusicMovement Golden Brown - Gems and Minerals (Inner Islands)

Oakland's Inner Islands label continue their mission to pacify the masses with 3 new pleasingly hazy & lazy transmissions, the New Age nebula, cosmic country & ambient acoustics of the Golden Brown LP being my pick, but check out the rest too.
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2021.10.23 05:06 Commerceai What Is The Best Fake Amazon Review Checker?

Commerce.ai is the supreme and most well-liked Fake Amazon Review Checker tool. It helps users find quality products without wasting money. Everyone seems to be aware of internet power and currently, before buying products we are treed through fake reviews and sometimes unable to find actual reviews for that product.
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2021.10.23 05:06 eon105 Recomendations for anger management therapist

Hi everyone,
Im looking for an anger management and anxiety therapist in Melbourne and am not sure how to find a good one. Does anyone know any good therapists?
Would appreciate any recommendations
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.23 05:06 reddead065 Should I contact my long lost sister?

Idk if "long lost" is the right term, but my sister is a lot older than I am and was kicked out when I was kid for being gay. I found her on IG a while back and have been keeping up with her. I don't follow her or anything, just look at what she posts so she doesn't know I found her or anything. She was kicked out when I was toddler so it's not like I remember her, I've just seen pics in our grandparents stuff and heard some stories about her from cousins. I feel like our parents would be mad if I reached out, but she seems cool and I would love to talk to her. I don't care that she's a lesbian and I think what our parents did was really fucked up. I'm just nervous at how she's going to react, I know that she has to remember me, and I know that I didn't do anything but what if she hates me lol. Should I send her a message and hope for the best or just mind my own business?
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Hello redditors,
I am a medical student and have worked as a virtual assistant in the past. For £ 100 a month I will provide assistance with any tasks that you may have.
Why should you consider hiring me?

These are some of the tasks I have experience in doing:
I can also conduct any type of research, especially if it is within my niche ( medicine and fitness, environment, homesteading, agriculture, technology, esports). If you need to find and organize any information from the internet, I could do that too. I could even write you a meal plan/running program. Should you feel like I would be capable of doing any other tasks that I have not already mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Please help me remember, how did Kinsey lose the Music Box Key?
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2021.10.23 05:06 Fluid_Consideration2 WSA change orientation

Does anyone know how to change the orientation or dimensions of an Android app?
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2021.10.23 05:06 TeslaS2022 How to get UST into Terra Station

I just opened a Terra Station wallet and used bridge to transfer mir from MetaMask to Terra wallet. I hasn't gone through. I think it is because I didn't have any UST for fees. How do I get UST in there so I can make my first deposit and start using Terra Luna? Thanks
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2021.10.23 05:06 DarthCluck [5e][PST][Free] Tuesday Oct 26, 5pm PST. Looking for 2 more to join for a Halloween One Shot Festival of Lights and Frights

Howdy folks, I am normally a professional DM, but for Halloween, I would like to play a free one shot. The game is question is Festival of Lights and Frights, a quick game created through the collaboration of Dagonzo Adventures, McRoMusic, PapeIchemy, and Zach Moeller.
The game will be played on Tuesday, October 26, at 5pm PST, and will last for 2-3 hours
The game is designed to be simple and fun, if you are interested in a laid-back, good time send me a DM, respond, or find me on discord: DarthCluck#3518
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2021.10.23 05:06 rhtkmr050 Why has the customer’s extreme faith in Architect Auckland?

Beyond Architects are top architect in auckland providing cheap and best architectural design solutions that add real value to your residential development projects. for more information about top architect auckland kindly click here:- https://www.beyondarchitects.co.nz/
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2021.10.23 05:06 LusipherStarLine778 what ever happened tom the LUE that said his be true oh LOE oh LOE oh no no no no that ever happened to LUE LUUUUEEESS

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2021.10.23 05:06 PMmesomehappiness Anyone notice McDonalds got rid of all day breakfast :((

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
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