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Qol improvement patch

2021.12.04 12:57 askum Qol improvement patch

Hello ,
we have been running a vpptr(very personal private test realm),with our very experienced 3 year old niece (she confirms this is very fun and what most players want. and seeing as she has played hundreds of mmos we tend to believe her). By using this encouragement we have decided to move forward with part of our vision of the game.Specifically the parts involving ufos, aliens and slippers. WE feel that not enough players are spending enough time in their homes leveling their decorating skills so will introduce this new dynamic, fuzzy slippers.these will only use azoth and tier 6 mats (to be decided later on) to craft, they will drop with a gs of 650-900 depending on your crafting level ,armouring skill or weapon skill (still undetermined). These will help leveling the decorating skill. (Our idea of bringing in plaid pajamas to help level faster was denied,as our niece doesn't like plaid. This will be revisited at a later date,when she decides what pjs she prefers). However she loved our idea of the fast traveling ufos piloted by cute furry aliens, so this will be implemented soon as a solution the azoth problem,( it'll only be used to craft slippers and upcoming pjs) , this should cut the running from place down greatly, however you will need to spend roughly 2-5 minutes in the ufo to foster a bond between you and the crew , don't worry it comes with fun mini games like head scratches and tummy rubs. By doing the mini games and creating a loving commradary between you and the crew you will be able to fast travel farther before they get tired and randomly leave you somewhere. But remember to clean out your bags and not be close to full because if your to heavy they can and will refuse to take you. To increase the immersion in the game she also said the our community would love to have a 1 in 5 chance to be transformed(mutated) into a random cute animal, ie: a furry frog , a 15 foot pink bunny, and others for 15-30 minutes created as she put it "loads and loads of fun cuteness." Since azoth will no longer be used as a fast travel resource we will be reducing the cap to 500, this will decrease the demand except when crafting fuzzy slippers and pjs.
Please visits the forums for further updates as we continue work with her to improve Qol in the game.
She is currently working on a new weapon idea, and in her words "it's this bubble wand type thing with butterfly wings that does stuff !)
WE are very excited to see where this goes , and we're sure you will be to !
Stay tuned
see you in aeturnum adventurers.

any one feel this is a more realistic version of what patch notes are, beacause they cant get much worse
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2021.12.04 12:57 HotOffAltered Best discussion on the ufo phenomenon I’ve seen - Terrence McKenna 1987

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2021.12.04 12:57 JAZthebeast11 Best way to have user create operations

Hi, I'm making a graphing calculator, and I've gotten it working for the most part. It can accept functions, and equations like y*y + x*x - 10 or even polar functions like the golden ratio. My problem right now is in order to make a function, you have to make a python function in a func_input file which would look like:

def quadratic(x, y, i): return y-x**2 
So how could I make it so the user could input their own functions, and change around constants, without having to actually write a function. I have looked at the eval method, but it seems a little un-secure. If you have any ideas, please let me know!
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2021.12.04 12:57 Believeinthedream Basketball rim falls on kids head

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2021.12.04 12:57 razv04 Hi! I need to choose between 2 mobos for a i7 11700F: Gigabyte Z590M Gaming X and Aorus B560M Pro.

I can't overclock the processor because it's a 11700f. The price difference between the 2 boards is 20 euros my country. I watched some videos on youtube to see how it performs on Vrm and I'm still undecided. Many say that the Z590 is superior in construction, but that Aorus is one of the best board in the B560 series. Are Gigabyte boards so bad because a lot of people say to avoid products. The price difference doesn't bother me and I just want the best of the two. Thanks in advance for the answers I will receive.
Z590 video: https://youtu.be/GYeyrS1tIyU B560 video: https://youtu.be/HkiTA0XvXUM
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2021.12.04 12:57 fried_biology Christmas surprise for my daughter (15), she originally wanted a ball python, but after some research it seems that corn snakes are a great first step for beginners. She has no clue! I'm looking for any advice and guidance this community can provide so we can be an awesome snek family!

Christmas surprise for my daughter (15), she originally wanted a ball python, but after some research it seems that corn snakes are a great first step for beginners. She has no clue! I'm looking for any advice and guidance this community can provide so we can be an awesome snek family! submitted by fried_biology to cornsnakes [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 12:57 Puzzleheaded-Kiwi138 PG beating Lebozo's superteam like always since the Pacers days

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2021.12.04 12:57 divineblessings4me Working couples of reddit who have specifically reserved Saturday nights to have sex with each other , is it really convenient to enjoy sex or sex just becomes one more weekly chore which you do . What are your insights and tips to make it interesting and not loose the spontaneity?

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2021.12.04 12:57 Hydrasaur Does the max raid date glitch still work?

Does the glitch that changes the raid den pokemon still work? If it was patched, is there a new method?
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2021.12.04 12:57 Lorraine527 Closing The Engineering Skills Gap With Generative Design

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2021.12.04 12:57 Medical-Jello7644 I met a girl with 12 breasts. Seems strange.

Dozen tit?
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2021.12.04 12:57 Crazed_mammot Should i spend diamonds to speed him up?

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2021.12.04 12:57 DrBoomsurfer Which do you think would be the most difficult on Maddening

Here's is a little clarification for the specifics of each route
Ashe only no NG+ or DLC is pretty straightforward. Only Ashe can deal damage to enemies/heal allies. No adjutant training. No using Allies as meat shields to protect Ashe. No Sauna. No Chalice/DLC boosters. No Anna. No Abyss. Plus any other things I missed.
Broken Weapons only is pretty simple in concept as well, I do have a plan for the prologue but it will suck hard. Other than that NG+ and exploits/glitches are allowed because if I'm only allowed to use broken weapons then I'll make sure everything else is broken too.
No skills will be no NG+ but DLC is allowed. The only restriction is that (except for the prologue) is that a unit can only participate in battle if all 5 skills slots are empty. If a unit learns a skill mid battle they must immediately stop fighting and not participate in the rest of the fight. Obviously class skills are fair game since they can't be unequipped and Combat Arts are also allowed
View Poll
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2021.12.04 12:57 TraditionalMail1987 $NGR 🍣 (Nigiri) - [BSC] 💎 - Launching Now 🚀. BuyBack System 🐋. Holders Rewards in BUSD ⚡️. TechRate Audit 🔐

🍣 Nigiri is a project that seeks to implement the buy back system and a reward in BUSD to holders to benefit its investors, creating a safe, reliable and profitable token.
🍱 Nigiri is the most traditional piece of Japanese gastronomy. These are small portions of rice compacted and modeled with oval shape. On these pieces of rice, fish or seafood are placed. We find out that it was possible to unite this idea with a project that generates profits for all, with its innovative systems of buyback and rewards.
📱We are trying hard and we want to run a huge marketing campaign with many great influencers, stay tuned! We will also use the marketing wallet to create a non-stop campaign, in all social networks (Twitter, Tik Tok, BTok, Youtube, Reddit, Telegram)
🔒 The Nigiri contract is being audited by TechRate, and liquidity will also be locked for 24 months
🚀 CMC and CG will list right after launch
⏳ You can look for our road map on our website that is full of news and announcements for you!
📊 Tokenomics
Total supply $NGR
💰 Taxes
2% Buy-Back (to never fall)
6% BUSD Claim Function (To reward holders)
2% Marketing (for non-stop campaigns)
📋Contract: 0xb78be2368fda75175821693cbc2ce2dd4e88e3e0
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb78be2368fda75175821693cbc2ce2dd4e88e3e0
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb78be2368fda75175821693cbc2ce2dd4e88e3e0#readContract
🔐Liquidity locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x733E7FD23b69678633f23b8cF727e1363DEe5d5f
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2021.12.04 12:57 sixteenfifteen Ballingers "life-changing gift"

So I haven't watched a ballinger fam video in a while because honestly they bore me a lot more than Colleen. They have a video called "life-changing gift" and Jessica talks about a charity called Compassion International. I looked it up because I wondered if it was Christian...and bingo. And not only that, it's a "mission", basically converting poor people in Africa to Christianity via providing basic needs and improving quality of life. What creeps me out is that they're not transparent about the religious and missionary nature of the non-profit...at all. Does anyone else find this sort of behavior weird af?? Like they spin it a certain way and leave out all mentions of association with Christianity with everything they do! I know this has been talked about before lol, I just can't believe how they underhandedly try to seem like a secular, "woke" family, it comes across as really manipulative.
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2021.12.04 12:57 smgoesonline I'm not an expert. Anyways I was able to list down what "rules" I made for myself have worked for me.

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2021.12.04 12:57 Arom1965 ​21 Book Recommendation By Eckhart Tolle

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2021.12.04 12:57 Ok_Explanation_883 public health 1

anyone taken the class with Bic before ?
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2021.12.04 12:57 Otherwise_Flatworm_4 Recommendation for decent gated residential community to buy a plot

Hello Peeps,
We currently live in a duplex house in a gated community in Attapur. Its big enough (225 sqyds) for us however, I want a bigger plot say about 400 sqyds or more to build a single floor house to help my parents cope up with their age related complications. Having been abroad for over 5 years, I have lost track of the newly sprung up communities and cannot find anything decent on 99acres or magicbricks. My budget is about 2 to 2.5 crores.
One thing to note is we are a muslim family and would prefer to buy a place in a community who are open to accepting residents without any prejudice. To give you an example, we are the only muslim resident amongst the 50 other residents in our compound and we live in harmony and happiness which is making it even harder to explore other areas. Unfortunately there's no more plots or houses left for sale here hence looking out.
Can anyone please suggest a decent location to buy a plot for residential use that offers good security and a peaceful living? My preference is inside a gated community as we have had a bad experience in the past after it was grabbed by some local goons and had to suffer for over 10 years getting rid of the sticky situation. That said, I am also open to other suggestions. TIA!
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2021.12.04 12:57 eventdawdling [Health] - Covid: Doctors' leaders back postponed health checks

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2021.12.04 12:57 GTAclipster Tiddy club mayhem

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2021.12.04 12:57 Desperate-Expert-312 TWins buying for 660

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2021.12.04 12:57 ravenderealistic The horror

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2021.12.04 12:57 jarderlant I don’t know what to do

So I have been in college for about three months. I met this girl, let’s call her Abby. Abby and I have grown very close these past few months. It has gotten to the point that we hangout practically 24/7. But we are just “friends”. I am in love with her, I have such strong feelings for her. I want to give her the world. We are always laughing and so happy together. She tells me she wants a stable guy that can make her happy. I already am that. We would be so great together. People always think we are a couple. It just would be perfect. I want to make a move and tell her I like her but in some ways I think she already knows. She selectively flirts with me. We have snuggled a few times, I give her back massages, ft her mom with her, offer to pay for things, etc. She accepts all of this love and attention but still talks to me about other men and obsess about other men. It pains me that I give so much and I am not getting what I need in return. I need sex, I need to be more then just a friend. I can’t be this guy friend for her anymore, it is hurting me too much. I want to tell her how I feel but she prob doesn’t feel the same way. I think she knows I like her and takes advantage of me and the love and attention I give to her. Is this situation salvageable? Is there any chance I can get something more from this. What do I do?
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2021.12.04 12:57 Lord-Wombat Because fast food workers always ask what part of a meal is going to which customer

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