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"Sean Connery's Last Bond Performance!" - 007: From Russia With Love Retrospective (GameCube)

2021.12.04 13:11 Shyguynintendo07 "Sean Connery's Last Bond Performance!" - 007: From Russia With Love Retrospective (GameCube)

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2021.12.04 13:11 thisTJperson 20F would you like to video call AMA-style? 🤓 [Friendship]

I'm bor3d and it's midnight rn and I don't wanna go on omegle. SFW only :) also if you're feeling down and need someone to talk to, I have had training as a peer-to-peer counsellor before 🤍
Or if you just wanna talk to a (self-proclaimed) funny person :p
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2021.12.04 13:11 frank0117 My experiments with vanilla JavaScript audio visualizers (+ tutorial & full source code)

My experiments with vanilla JavaScript audio visualizers (+ tutorial & full source code) submitted by frank0117 to webdev [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:11 LoveSomebody Apple Massive Spy Program

I think it's important to discuss the possibilities of Apple and Google's massive spy program. This may sound crazy to you but I believe I am a victim of this massive spy program. I launched a dating website back in 2011. That website appeared oin SNL, Fallon, Kimmel, Forbes etc. I saw a systematic removal and shadow banning of my company accross all of these major companies such as twitter, facebook, reddit, search manipulation on google, apple etc. I believe there is a massive operation happening at Google and Apple where they are supressing and manipulating smaller companies who are not part of this corporate kabal. I believe they are manipulating crashes, reviews, and much more. I recently installed new security on my application. This helped prevent spammers from abusing the app. The spammers use this massive array of strange data centers in the US and their investors seems to be cool with investors and board members at Google, Apple, Reddit etc. Now Google and Apple want me to remove the security on my application. It's the strangest shit I have ever seen. That would open the door for a company called Quadranet hosting to spam users and direct black budget funding back to Israel. Quadranet is the biggest agressor in the game. Their CEO is an IDF soldier from Israel. They run the biggest spam operations I have ever seen pulling in hundreds of millions a year and infecting people's phones with spyware. Apple acts like they are against the NSO group but I beleive they are working directly with them. I believe they have some type of advanced screen monitoring spy program at Apple. Something so tempting no governemnt agent or personal could overcome. Competle power to lie and spy. Never have to worry about competition again. Insigt access to everything. Nothing stopping them either. You try and report the spam to Quadranet and it only gets worse. The FBI does nothing, the polica can do nothing. They are free to do whatever the fuck they want. So it seems these criminals are working with people at Google, Apple, Reddit etc. I know I'm saying this on stolen Native American land, in a country built on the backs of slaves, racism and bigotry but it makes no difference. I have seen Apple manipulate my company so that they control exactly how many installs my company gets and how much money it makes. I have done the reasearch and discovered there is a strong connection to Freemasonry. I have studied ancient number systems like Gematria and found an undeniable pattern of numbers being used. I have studied the Society Of Jesus and learned they are a vast army also known as the Illuminati. I have done years of research and am thinking about making a small book or documentary. For example: There is a Google Captcha on all reddit posts. That is a tool designed to make Google the Gatekeepr of the internet. They have one on the FBI tip submit page as well. That means Google reads every single FBI tip submitted and can sell that data to whoever they want. That is exactly what they are doing and the FBI knows. That is why I started researching Freemasonry because after so many years go by you realize there is something keeping all of this together. Someone is back there directing this like some type of game. This fucking Google Captcha is everywhere on the internet. All it does is Give Gogole gatekeepr access. Your sitting there selecting photos like a fucking dumbass to prove your not a robot. Fuck that shit. People have no fucking idea what these companies are doing.
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2021.12.04 13:11 ShortAlgo $CXDO Waiting for Buy signal on CXDO https://t.co/oHNidzYvVa

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2021.12.04 13:11 manwhoridesdolphin Last day shenanigans

It's the last day of my notice period at a bar that underpayed me. Any ideas for going out swinging?
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2021.12.04 13:11 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

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🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xe36cb4caf51bbaffbe9c13455b610facc0174d22
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2021.12.04 13:11 Caryslan Despite it being their greatest advantage over Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo's approach to their legacy titles is confusing and makes no sense.

Of the big three Nintendo is the oldest company still in the market not just as a video game hardware maker, but as a game developer.
Their legacy extends all the way to the late 1970s, although Donkey Kong in 1981 is where they really made their impact as a major player in the market.
Since then, they have produced and published hundreds of games on their various platforms and have tons of various content that they can take advantage of.
There are so many classic games, many of them from their most famous franchises that they could put up on their various services and it seems like they just sit on these games and ignore their own legacy.
The biggest example of this is the Nintendo Switch online. Nintendo had a chance to make it a gold mine for retro game streaming by offering players tons of classic games as part of the membership.
If third-parties did not want to be part of it, then there's nothing Nintendo could do. But when you look at the NES and SNES game selections, there are some notable games missing like Zoda's Revenge and Earthbound.
Rather than listen to their fans, they shoved bottom-tier titles onto the service..
Then you have the N64 which requires players to buy an expensive upgrade to their existing membership and the games still launched with numerous flaws and issues.
Plus, there's the fact that the entire Game Boy family is missing from the Switch's online service. I have talked about this before, but this exclusion honestly confuses me.
The Switch is a hybrid system that is marketed as both a handheld and a console. But at its core, it's the latest successor to the handheld line started with the Game Boy. Would it not make sense for Nintendo to put out Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on the Switch's online service?
Unlike NES, SNES, and N64 games which have all been released and reissued numerous times over the years, Game Boy games have only been released on the 3DS virtual console and Game Boy Advance on the Wii U Virtual Console. Both of those systems have a much smaller install base than the Switch.
The Switch is over four years old, and none of the Game Boy family of systems are on Nintendo Switch Online?
Why? It can't be because these games are impossible or hard to stream over an online service and while players like to act like the Game Boy, especially the older models have dated games, there are some honest classics like Super Mario Land 1 and 2, The Zelda Oracle games, Donkey Kong 94, the Donkey Kong Land games, Mole Mania, the various Kirby games, Wario Land Games, etc that deserve the chance to reach a new audience.
Of course, this is not even getting into the Game Boy Advance which many gamers have asked to be added to the service for years.
What makes this even more questionable is that Nintendo, rather than listening to what its fans want goes and adds Sega Genesis games to the Online service.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love Sega. Hell, I am a Sega fanboy at heart, but this move makes no sense. Rather than putting up a system that fans want to revisit or even discover for the first time like the Game Boy Advance, they go and sign a contract with Sega to bring their games to the service?
Again, why? It's not like there is no shortage of ways to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the year 2021.
I might not have an issue with this if all of Nintendo's systems from the NES to the GBA were already on the service and Nintendo was looking to add more value, but why add Sega Genesis games when the Game Boy family remains locked in the vault?
Sadly this extends to things outside of Nintendo Switch Online.
Let me ask this question. Do you love Fire Emblem? Want to play the first game in the series and see how it all started, especially since it has Marth as the main hero?
Well, according to Nintendo, you can go jump off a cliff. Because they withdrew the game from the eshop and you can no longer buy it.
This makes no sense to me. What is the benefit to Nintendo to put out a game like Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for a few months and then pull it off the eshop?
What is the point? Why not keep it up, especially since new players are still buying Switch consoles!
EarthBound Beginnings is still buyable on the Wii U eshop. If I still had my Wii U and did not own the game, I could still go on there and buy it.
So why not do the same thing for Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light?
I know it was put out as part of a 20th Anniversary of the Fire Emblem series like Super Mario 3D All-Stars was for Mario's Anniversary, but it makes no sense to pull either game off the eshop.
Although, while we are on the topic, why is EarthBound Beginnings not on the Switch?
Nintendo has adopted this "Disney Vault" mindset with their legacy games, but at least Disney was smart enough to put out their older movies over and over again to make a profit and even now, Disney has seen the value of using the strength of their legacy and their movies as a selling point for Disney+
Want to watch Snow White, Dumbo, Aladdin, or The Lion King? Well, you can buy them or just get Disney+ to see those classics alongside their modern stuff.
On the other hand, want to go play Metroid Fusion before Dread? Well, hopefully, you're one of the few people to either own a Wii U or still have a working GBA copy of the game because Nintendo would rather leave that game locked in a vault rather than give Switch owners a way to play the game.
The funny thing is that Nintendo spends tons of money to go after rom sites. To be fair, I am not opposed to this, but what I find funny is that Nintendo will shut down rom sites and waste countless millions in legal fees when they could combat some of the problem by putting these games on the Switch Online service.
Which is the thing I will never get. Why Nintendo refuses to take advantage of the single greatest advantage they hold over their rivals and that is their legacy in gaming. .
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2021.12.04 13:11 the_painn artık at yarışı oynayan da ne biliyim

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2021.12.04 13:11 moaladdin Looking for some feedback on my brand, any ideas on how to grow?


Started this entirely for fun with my brother, now we're looking to take it more seriously, all feedback will be appreciated.

Also if you would like to support, you can cop our newest drop
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2021.12.04 13:11 Retouchess 3 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY - JUST UPVOTE & DROP ADDRESS!

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2021.12.04 13:11 AnonCommentary Line Changes this morning via Jeff Svoboda

Jack Roslovic on the ice but not in line rushes this morning for #CBJ
Merzlikins and Tarasov both on the ice.
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2021.12.04 13:11 Snoo89162 Knowing that the market is crazy now. Is it better to lease a car (maybe new) or buy one used? We are thinking in a Mazda. We have a mazada3 2017 that we have a loan and we pay $300 APR 2.45 (the minimum in my credit union is 1.99). It should be pay off in 27 months. We need another vehicle. TX,USA.

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2021.12.04 13:11 Rambooctpuss The Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time: #369 Mobb Deep-The Infamous (1995)

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2021.12.04 13:11 Floor-Proof Italiani brava gente (talvolta) Noi ci denigriamo, la Merkel ci invidia: come ribaltare le statistiche sul negazionismo Covid By Mattia Feltri

Nel marzo del 2020, all’alba della pandemia e in regime di lockdown, uscirono fra rulli di tamburi le cifre del Viminale secondo cui la settimana precedente la polizia aveva pizzicato la bella cifra di 43 mila e 959 persone indebitamente a zonzo, e dunque sprezzanti delle misure profilattiche prese per il bene comune dal governo Conte bis. I mascalzoni se la cavarono con la relativa multa, per fortuna, perché se si fosse trattato di adeguarsi alle richieste dei bravi cittadini osservanti, sarebbero dovuti finire al patibolo, o almeno ricoperti di pece e piume nella pubblica piazza. La restituzione ai violenti di una violenza incomparabilmente maggiore è una questione di cui ci si dovrà occupare, ma qui mi limito a prendere quel numero – 43 mila 959 – e a ribaltarlo. I controlli furono un milione e 25 mila, e dunque erano in regola più di 980 mila, oltre il 95 per cento dei controllati. Si sarebbe dunque potuto titolare che 95 italiani su cento stavano rispettando la legge con indole prussiana; immaginate l’Italia con un simile approccio al fisco: saremmo il Paese più ricco della galassia.
Come si conciliano le dolenti denunce del Censis, o perlomeno l’uso che ne facciamo noialtri giornalisti, con Fitch che alza il rating dell’Italia per il Pil in crescita quest’anno del 6.3 per cento e l’anno prossimo del 4.7, spiegata anche con “l’elevato numero di vaccinazioni”? Oppure con le parole di commiato di Angela Merkel che ha invitato i suoi concittadini a prendere esempio dallo spirito marziale degli italiani davanti alla pandemia e alla soluzione vaccinale? Alcuni sondaggi hanno indicato che nel 2020 i negazionisti del covid erano in Germania attorno al 14-15 per cento, due volte e mezzo in più che da noi, e i risultati non sono nella ricerca demoscopica, ma nella percentuale dei vaccinati: il 68 per cento in Germania, il 74 per cento in Italia. E nelle conseguenze: l’Italia resiste alla quarta ondata, la Germania soccombe.
Quindi sì, è vero, sei italiani su cento pensano che il covid sia l’invenzione dei rettiliani e dei banchieri per sottomettere il mondo a una dittatura sanitaria. Ma la notizia sono gli altri novantaquattro.
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2021.12.04 13:11 Brookheimer B1298 - Wales Bill - Final Division

B1298 - Wales Bill
Amend the Government of Wales Act 2006 and the Wales Act 2017 and to grant Wales increased powers of self-governance, with more parity to other devolved nations’ devolution settlements. Also to adjust the legal jurisdiction of the Senedd to comply with the devolution of Justice and enshrine the position of “Advocate General for Wales” into law.
BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows –
Section 1: Adjustment of the jurisdiction of the Senedd
(1) Subsection 2 of Section A2 to Part 1 of the Wales Act 2017 is amended to read “The purpose of this section is, with due regard to the other provisions of this Act, to recognise the ability of the Senedd and the Welsh Ministers to make law forming part of the law of Wales.”
(2) Subsection 2 of Section A2 to Part A1 of the Government of Wales act 2006 is amended to read “The purpose of this section is, with due regard to the other provisions of this Act, to recognise the ability of the Senedd and the Welsh Ministers to make law forming part of the law of Wales.”
Section 2: Adjustment of reserved powers
The Government of Wales Act 2006 is amended as follows:

Head A5 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Under “Exceptions” for Head A1 of Schedule 7A add the following:“Income Tax Bands, Air Passenger Duty, Corporation Tax and the Aggregates Levy” Head B9 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B16 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely From Head B13 of Schedule 7A Part 2 strike lines 52 and 53 Head B6 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B19 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B7 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B8 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B15 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B17 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B12 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B5 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head B22 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C2 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C3 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely
Insert in Head C4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 under Exception:
Regulations to intellectual property to the extent of limits set by treaties to which the United Kingdom is a party.
Head C6 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C7 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C9 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C10 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C11 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C12 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely From Head C15 of Schedule 7A Part 2 strike line 93 Head C16 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head C17 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head D1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head D4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head D5 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head D6 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely From Head E2 of Schedule 7A Part 2 strike line 117 Head E5 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head E6 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head G of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head H of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head J1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head J2 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head J4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head J5 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head K of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head L of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely All sections of Head L of Schedule 7A Part 2 except L6 to be struck, and renumber L6 to L1. Head M of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head N1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely
In Head N1 of Schedule 7A Part 2:
Under exceptions insert: Amendments to The Equality Act and subordinate legislation regarding equal opportunities and protection of the Welsh Language and other minority languages as appropriate within Wales. under the definition of Equal Opportunities under Interpretations, omit “but not language” Insert in Head B4 of Schedule 7A Part 2: “ExceptionCovert surveillance done by members of a devolved public body” From Head N4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 strike “bank holidays” Insert in Head A1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 under “Exceptions”:“State aid to the extent of limits set by treaties to which the United Kingdom is a party” Head F4 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head F2 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely Head F3 of Schedule 7A Part 2 to be struck entirely In head F1 of Schedule 7A Part 2 strike lines 131 and 132, as well as exceptions and interpretations, and replace with:“Negative Income Tax, and successor income tax rebates”
Section 3: Power for further devolution
(1) The Secretary of State for Wales may by Statutory Instrument strike any of the following sections wherein they are satisified adequate preparations have been made to ensure smooth and orderly continuation of functions of Government:
Head C1 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head C2 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head C3 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head C7 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head B9 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head E6 of Schedule 7A Part 2
Head L6 of Schedule 7A Part
Section 4: Advocate General for Wales
(1) The House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975 is amended as follows:
Under Schedule 2 add the following:“Advocate General for Wales”
(2) The Ministerial and other Salaries Act 1975 is amended as follows:
Under Schedule 1 Part III add the following:“Advocate General for Wales”
(3) The validity of anything done in relation to the Advocate General is not affected by a vacancy in that office.
(4) If that office is vacant or the Advocate General is for any reason unable to act, his functions shall be exercisable by such other Minister of the Crown as the Prime Minister may determine in writing.
Section 5: Extent
This act extends to Wales. the entirety of the United Kingdom.
Section 6: Commencement and Short Title
(1) This Act comes into force 4 1 months after Royal Assent
(2) This Act may be cited as the Wales Act 2021
This bill was authored by the Rt. Hon, Sir u/Miraiwae, Baron Llandaf KD KCB MSP PC on behalf of HM Government with sponsorship by the Liberal Democrats. Based on an idea by The Rt. Hon. u/Archism_ CBE MS PC. Written with the assistance of The Rt. Hon. u/ViktorHR KD OBE PC MS, Lord Merthyr Vale, The Rt. Hon. u/zakian3000 PC MSP MS MLA, Baron of Gourock, The Rt. Hon. Dame SpectacularSalad GCMG OM KT KBE MP, The Rt. Hon. Sir u/NGSpy KG KCMG MBE MP, The Rt. Hon. Sir u/rea-wakey CT KBE MP MS FRS, The Rt. Hon. Sir u/RhysGwenythIV KD MP MS and The Rt. Hon. Sir IceCreamSandwich401 KCB CMG KT KP CT KBE MP MSP
This bill has been a long time coming. Nearly a year ago, the WNP won a landslide of the Welsh seats in the House of Commons, and ever since then, one of the most comprehensive pieces of devolution since the Senedd was created has been in the works. Initially an idea made by the leader of the WNP at the time, my good friend Archism, I took over responsibility for the creation of the act once it was clear that I needed to. In the meantime we have all been through trials and tribulations, and even an election, yet the bill has constantly been researched, developed, nurtured and refined until today. I present to the house the Wales Act 2021.
For those who do not know, I am a firm believer in the principle of subsidiarity. This is the idea that decisions should be taken at the most local possible level. Devolution is the perfect way to achieve subsidiarity, and so I will always advocate for decentralisation of power wherever it is reasonable. When Archism was elected to Westminster, a Wales Act 2021 to comprehensively devolve more powers to the Senedd was promised and it has fallen to me to deliver the act for you today.
What does this bill do? Well it does three main things. Firstly, it adjusts the legal jurisdiction of the Senedd to comply with justice devolution and end any legal ambiguity with the wording that the Senedd governs Wales and Wales alone. Secondly, it enshrines the position of Advocate General for Wales into law, as a Law Officer of the Crown, representing the UK government in Welsh courts and giving the UK government legal advice on Welsh laws. Thirdly and finally, it gives more power to govern herself. Unionists might object to this change, however I see it in a rather different light to what they might think. In fact, I think that this bill gives everyone something to be happy about. Nationalists can rest easy knowing that Wales now gets treatment and powers closer to equal to our Scottish and Northern Irish friends. Unionists can jump for joy for the fact that the Senedd can do more to strengthen Wales’ place in the Union. “Give us Autonomy or give us Freedom!” Is a cry I have heard often. This brings us one step closer to a freer, fairer Wales for all, no matter what your position on the union.
On to the devolution, at hand. This can be broken down into various segments. I’ll begin with some logistical changes that clear up ambiguity and then move on to the new devolution. Firstly, this formalises the devolution of justice into the Wales Act, and makes it so that Wales has more control over not just justice, but also home affairs, a logical conclusion from the creation of a new legal jurisdiction. Secondly, Wales gets more financial, economic and welfare powers, to allow for better support to those who need it most, and more dedicated spending and earning for the Welsh government. Thirdly, we are granting the Welsh government more powers in the world of trade and business, allowing for regulation of professions and business to be done to tailor Wales’ unique needs, as well as ensuring that the workers of Wales can get the assistance tailored to them and their needs. We are also devolving more powers in the field of Energy. This will be seen as a positive by all, as even the leader of the opposition seemed to think that Nuclear affairs were devolved in Wales. Now I can give him what he, the government, and I’m sure many in Wales want. Increased Welsh Energy Sovereignty. Additionally, some more transport matters are being devolved, allowing for more consistent Railway policy and allowing us to be world leaders in accessible transportation. We are devolving more Healthcare powers to strengthen our NHS, and ensure that everyone can get the quality of care they need on the most local possible level. We all know Wales has a unique and distinct culture compared to the rest of the UK, and so it only makes sense that Cultural powers are fully devolved, including the ability for us to make St David’s day a bank holiday, and reform our national broadcaster, S4C to effectively serve the people of Wales the same way the BBC does for the wider UK. Finally, we are giving Wales the power to manage her own land and agriculture fully, as our Scottish and Northern Irish friends have been able to do for many years now.
I thank the house for taking the time to read this bill, and my speech.
This vote will end at 10pm on the 7th December.
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2021.12.04 13:11 sharag123 Literally Everyone

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2021.12.04 13:11 mwkr Buying and selling properties

I am trying to look for websites to understand square meter prices in different areas in Lebanon. Where can I find this information? What services can you use for the appraisal of properties?
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2021.12.04 13:11 tewisp Qué es el Comunismo en Chile?

Lo pregunto en serio, porque el partido es un punto central en las elecciones, el argumento #1 de la gente que no votaría por Boric es ése, y es el miedo más grande que tiene la gente, el Chilezuela que le han dado como caja. Hay un TL;DR por si acaso al final, porque igual puede que me vaya en volada.
Voy a partir dando mi percepción del partido, aunque la verdad que soy muy ignorante en el tema. Obvio que soy basado, así que no me webeen con eso xD
Siento que lo que tira al partido es su historia mundial, porque en todas partes ha terminado como el pico, aunque algunos (o muchos) del partido dicen lo contrario. Yo siento que el Comunismo acá es diferente, incluso en 1970 con el gobierno de Allende, que era un gobierno prometedor pero que ahora que cacho más, era imposible que funcionara por el sabotaje de la oposición y la intervención de USA que ya es un hecho reconocido. De hecho, el Comunismo USA se ha encargado que el concepto Comunista sea sinónimo de mal en el occidente, pues fueron los que ganaron en la guerra política. Si el partido Comunista no se llamara Comunista, creo que le iría mil veces mejor.
Hay gente bacán encuentro, especialmente las generaciones jóvenes mujeres, casi todas involucradas los movimientos estudiantiles que para mí han sido siempre ha sido clave para el progreso del país. Hay también gente que no me gusta, generalmente los viejos, el típico caso es el de Jadue, que tiene un ego alto y no se toma bien las críticas, tiene una personalidad fuerte y poco flexible, aunque siento que ha mejorado, y al parecer ha hecho una buena labor como alcalde, así que tampoco le tengo tanta mala.
Algo que encuentro insólito es su sororidad con los regímenes comunistas de otros países, como Venezuela, Cuba, Korea del Norte y China (que para mí es capitalismo puro, es la empresa más grande del mundo), porque son dictaduras y el partido no las condenas, de hecho oficialmente las han felicitado, por lo que te hace dudar si es un camino que quieren llegar.
Otra cosa que me da esperanza es la Gladys Marín, que hasta mi Papá que es re facho y que dice que el Comunismo es el mal mismo, reconoce que ella era distinta y buena. Yo no la cachaba tanto, pero mientras más conozco de ella más me gusta. Lamento mucho que haya muerto, porque era demasiada progresista para la época, hoy hubiese sido un gran aporte para el país. Me da esperanza porque hoy es un referente para los jóvenes del partido, hijos de Gladys como se dicen.
De parte de los de derecha, el Comunismo es el mal mismo como he oido mucho, que solo quieren destruir al país, que son terroristas, que tienen el control sobre todo el mundo, que son los que traen a los inmigrantes a Chile, que organizaron el Estallido del 18 de octubre, que le pagan a los manifestantes 60 lucas al dia para salir a la calle (si esto es cierto, porfa contrátenme que ando cesante y es el medio sueldo), etc. Puras fake news, pero no las dudan porque realmente creen que los Comunistas son tan malos que todo eso es posible, si hay gente de hecho que de verdad creen que comían wawas xD
Eso, me gustaría oír que opinan del partido, de todas las posiciones, qué saben, que es lo que creen, si es bueno o malo, ojalá desde todas las perspectivas, derecha, centro, izquierda, extremos, si algún militante, etc. A ver si podemos
[TL;DR] Creo que es muy distinto al Comunismo antiguo, le tengo fe igual aunque con muchos peros. Qué es para ti el Comunismo? Pls comment or llamo a Fidel to expropiar tu culo
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2021.12.04 13:11 the_eggsecutioner [FT] Judy [LF] NMT or bells

I was asked to move in a Judy amiibo, but she wasn't redeemed! Now this magical girl needs a home :( please have an open plot ready! Offers don't need to be too high, just be ready to pick her up asap!
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2021.12.04 13:11 fuflex What brand is this TV? Located in Canada if that helps.

What brand is this TV? Located in Canada if that helps. submitted by fuflex to Whatisthis [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:11 Kwdub24 Sliced chicken breast, egg, Colby jack, and cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel

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2021.12.04 13:11 BoredDesiRedditor Zee Chief Punit Goenka Unpacks Sony Merger Deal, Streaming Growth, IPL Bid Plans – APOS India

Punit Goenka, MD and CEO of India’s Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, has shed light on the proposed merger with Sony Pictures Networks India.
Delivering the keynote address at media conference APOS India, Goenka revealed that the merger is in the “final stages of stitching up.”
“I certainly believe that consolidation is going to benefit the industry overall,” said Goenka. “Zee and Sony will form the largest media entertainment player in the country. Our revenues on a standalone basis combined will be close to $2 billion, and the capital growth that Sony is going to infuse in the merge entity will really give us the opportunity to invest in premium content and include sports.”
“There is going to be a huge opportunity on both the digital and the linear side to create big scale entertainment properties and acquire large IPs across genres,” Goenka said.
One of those genres could be sport. Zee had sold Ten Sport to Sony in 2017, and ever since news of the merger emerged, the market is expecting the merged entity to bid on one of the biggest sports prizes in the world, the Indian Premier League cricket tournament. Star TV, now part of the Disney stable, had won the 2017 rights war with a $2.55 billion bid. The auction for 2023-2027 rights is expected to take place imminently.
“I believe that the opportunity is great, because the digital landscape has opened up a new opportunity for monetization, which did not exist five years ago,” said Goenka. “And the sector itself will see a lot more happening going forward. So certainly sports will become an area of focus for the merged entity.”
“But the decision for bidding or not bidding, and bidding at what value etc., will be taken by the board of the new merged company, and not by me individually,” said Goenka.
The executive has been at the center of a war with Invesco, one of the leading investors in Zee with an 18% stake, which has been trying to oust Goenka and install six independent members to the board via an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. That meeting hasn’t happened yet after the Bombay High Court allowed it to be temporarily delayed.
Goenka said during his keynote that the merger with Sony is part of his “Zee 4.0 transformative journey” game plan. “I hope that we will be able to generate significant value for the stakeholders, which include not just our shareholders, but our customers and our employees as well,” Goenka said.
Speaking about the ongoing streaming wars in India, Goenka said that Zee has been slightly late in embracing new technology compared to the global players, but that this was being rapidly redressed. “I’m certain that we will catch up very quickly and give them a fight in this market just as we have done on the linear side in the past,” Goenka said.
The strategy for Zee’s streamer ZEE5 is SVOD first, Goenka said. He predicted that the Indian SVOD market is going to jump to 200 million paying subscriptions in the next five years, up from the 40-50 million currently.
“As in any other business, our mantra has always been to be the number one or be the challenging brand and that will be our goal here as well,” Goenka said. “We have seen great growth happening not just in India, but across the world where we have launched the ZEE5 platform and we have seen growth happening quarter on quarter.”
“While India currently has more AVOD users, we believe that our strategy of being SVOD first will give us the leverage to really fight the competition going forward,” Goenka added.
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2021.12.04 13:11 Accomplished_Run_825 My son insults me for caring whether I have Covid or not

He's an adult -- 32 years old. We call and text each other frequently. Anyway yesterday I got a Covid test along with my husband because we both showed some symptoms on Thursday. Turns out we are negative for Covid. So I tell my son this.... and he just mocks me for caring about this "made up" disease and he goes on about how I've bought into the CNN lies about people getting sick... says mockingly why didn't you get tested for the flu too.
Puts me in a fowl mood that he will say things like this to me. He'll get meaner the more he drinks so that had something to do with it too
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