2022.01.22 11:38 Visual_Studio_2022 “取消中考分流”引热议,政协委员呼吁以此减轻家长学生焦虑

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2022.01.22 11:38 Odd-Version9895 which precure seasons have the least crush/romance subplots?

i find those sorts of episodes where a girl is crushing on some sort of guy really boring.
which seasons have the least of that?
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2022.01.22 11:38 wisi_eu Des paysans inventent leurs outils pour se libérer de l’industrie [France]

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2022.01.22 11:38 jakfrist All aboard for an aerial tour of West Midtown's 'revival'

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2022.01.22 11:38 Tezla_Coil Can someone explain level reset to a Season of the lost returning player?

So I’m currently 1356 level and with the new low cap at 1350, does this mean I continue at 1356 or do I start at the gear cap of 1330?
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2022.01.22 11:38 Fantastic-Brush9127 chromodoris quadricolor

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2022.01.22 11:38 Nyckname Woodstick

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2022.01.22 11:38 Rich-Matter-752 Turned away at the Emergency vet.

Is it normal to refuse to treat dogs that have been attacked and thusly sprayed by skunks? My dog got into it with what she likely assumed to be a friendly kitty only to run inside shaking and REEKING of skunk spray. I immediately showered her and upon doing so noticed her back paw bleeding profusely. There's no toenail and she could be missing more. I was unable to get all the smell gone, I'm still working on it as I type this.
My partner and I had to drive 40 minutes away to be seen as all the ER Vets were fully booked. We finally got through to an available vet and informed them on the phone what was going on and we were asked to bring puppo in. Upon arrival we were asked why we were there and informed that they could not treat my dog because she had been sprayed by a skunk. Despite discussing this over the phone. I asked about rabies and the fact part of her toe is missing and it was reiterated that "If she's been vaccinated she can't get rabies and just needs the booster from her regular vet." Apparently, they don't do boosters and based on the skunk situation, they wouldn't see her.
My partner and I were livid. I have never heard of a dog being turned away from care due to skunk spray. Not only this, but she had been bathed once already. I have done what I can, stopped the bleeding. Currently making her comfortable and helping her stink less. As for her toe and the booster, I'm taking her in as soon as they are open.
Is it normal to deny a dog care because they were sprayed by a skunk? Why?
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2022.01.22 11:38 andybando04 Ayo?

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2022.01.22 11:38 Exequiel2707 WE NEED MORE SCHOLARS

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2022.01.22 11:38 Jwl122 A little follow up on the hair spray chipping tip.

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2022.01.22 11:38 BillHicksFan Match Thread - Champions Cup - Ulster vs Clermont (KO: 17:30 GMT)

Ulster: 15 Mike Lowry, 14 Robert Baloucoune, 13 James Hume, 12 Angus Curtis, 11 Ethan McIlroy, 10 Billy Burns, 9 Nathan Doak, 8 Duane Vermeulen, 7 Nick Timoney, 6 Marcus Rea, 5 Kieran Treadwell, 4 Alan O’Connor (c), 3 Marty Moore, 2 Rob Herring, 1 Eric O’Sullivan Replacements: 16 Brad Roberts, 17 Jack McGrath, 18 Tom O’Toole, 19 Sam Carter, 20 Greg Jones, 21 David Shanahan, 22 Ben Moxham, 23 Craig Gilroy
Clermont: 15 Cheik Tiberghien, 14 Marvin O’Connor, 13 Jean-Pascal Barraque, 12 Tani Vili, 11 Alivereti Raka, 10 JJ Hanrahan, 9 Morgan Parra, 8 Jacobus van Tonder, 7 Lucas Dessaigne, 6 Judicaël Cancoriet (c), 5 Tomas Lavanini, 4 Paul Jedrasiak, 3 Rabah Slimani, 2 Yohan Beheregaray, 1 Etienne Falgoux Replacements: 16 Etienne Fourcade, 17 Daniel Bibi Biziwu, 18 Cristian Ojovan, 19 Sébastien Vahaamahina, 20 Fritz Lee, 21 Kevin Viallard, 22 Camille Lopez, 23 Damian Penaud
Venue: Kingspan Stadium Kick-off: 17:30 GMT Referee: Luke Pearce (England) Assistant Referees: Craig Evans (Wales), Paul Dix (England) TMO: Rowan Kitt (England)
Drinking Rules.
1 finger - Lowry does something majestic.
2 fingers - Penaud comes on and does something majestic.
3 fingers - Ulster lose a lead.
4 fingers - Ulster lose an attacking line out.
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2022.01.22 11:38 jday54123 24 [M4F] just looking for a friend to share interests

I typically do reply fast, but I also keep myself busy with work and hobbies so sometimes I can’t reply for a little. But I’m just looking to connect with someone and talk about interests like movies and shows, more specifically Star Wars, LOTR, and anime, etc. also cooking, music and more. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me on here and we can exchange kiks!
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2022.01.22 11:38 StateofMiseryMMJ Fucking with Dispensaries for fun!!!

Does anyone take your fan leaves or stale old cannabis to the dispensary for fun? There is a process. But if u ever wanted to waste labor of the dispensary for for their prices or shady practices, you could bring them a small bag of shake everyday. The destruction process is annoying and a hassle. If growers got in the habit of always bringing fan leaves it would be a slight thorn in the side of the dispensary.
“(9) Disposal of Qualifying Patient Medical Marijuana. (A) In any case where a qualifying patient is no longer entitled to medical marijuana under any provision of state law or is deceased, any excess medical marijuana or marijuana plants in the possession of the qualifying patient or the patient’s primary caregiver or discovered by a third party shall be turned over to a licensed dispensary for disposal within thirty (30) days of the event that makes the qualifying patient ineligible. 1. Before delivering the excess medical marijuana to a dispensary, the individual in possession of the excess medical marijuana must contact the department, and the depart- ment will coordinate delivery arrangements between the individual and a dispensary. 2. The individual in possession of excess medical marijuana shall receive from the department written, temporary authorization to transport medical marijuana, which shall include details regarding the delivery arrangements approved by the department. (B) The possession and transportation of medical marijuana under this section shall not subject the possessor to arrest, criminal or civil liability, or sanctions under Missouri law, provided that the possessor produces on demand to the appropriate authority a copy of the temporary authorization for transport or evidence of communication with the department regarding delivery arrangements.”
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2022.01.22 11:38 WeTheNorth20 Public Mobile referral code reddit January 2022 - 39X8ZN

Activate using referral code 39X8ZN @ https://publicmobile.ca/en/on/portal/activation
Enter the code in the designated area when registering to enjoy the $10 savings on your second bill! The code never expires and can be used anywhere in Canada.
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2022.01.22 11:38 brainsonthepavement 👀

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2022.01.22 11:38 mask45 Cardano DeFi doesn't work

So apparently the much anticipated Cardano dex has finally launched and Cardano holders are now able to do swaps and DeFi transactions.
Or so it seems.
A lot of people are reporting that transactions are failing and even if they are lucky they go through it’s taking over 45 minutes to go through.
Can someone explain why this is happening? Is it sue the concurrency issue a lot of developers have warned about? Is it because of the way SundaeSwap operates? Is it because of how Cardano works? Would be helpful to get some insights here on what’s going on.
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2022.01.22 11:38 Sonicblue62 First Shots With my Film Camera [ Nikon FM | 50mm f1.8 | Kodak Ultramax 400 ]

I didn't get digital scans when I had these developed so I resorted to using my phone to scan the negatives. Since I couldn't get rid of the orange mask from the scans, I converted to B&W using my phone's software. I'll have to get my hands on a nice scanner and some HP5+!
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2022.01.22 11:38 Artist-FA-Chekki- Only 1 to be minted and sold today! Drop time after 10am CST, USA.

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2022.01.22 11:38 G_MacArthurr New Spawn build on the Imperial Realm Minecraft Faction Server

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2022.01.22 11:38 PhineasFlynnsLaw My review of Hilda and the Mountain King!

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2022.01.22 11:38 64GraDelS64 Very Casual Group/Road to Ranked [NA] [PS4] [XBOX]

Hey all! Me and two friends play Smite pretty much every day after 5pm EST and we’re looking for more to be able to play and communicate with a full team! We are rather new to the game, I’m the only one who is even eligible to play ranked but have not played a single game yet. We are each comfortable playing any position, but I’d say preferences go toward mid, solo, and adc. Give us tips, let us give you tips (scary), we’re open to anyone that wants to play!
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2022.01.22 11:38 No-Relief2675 Finally left my old job after 5 years

Sooo I went to a trade school to be a mechanic back in 2013/14. Worked in the field for a year, then I ended up working construction and installing garage doors. This was fine and dandy up until this past july. I shattered my right clavicle and had to get surgery. I was out of work for 3 months, and my old boss never called to check or anything like that, and did nothing to help out a high performing employee(at my peak, I was installing 3 garage doors and 3 openers a day). During my time off I found this page
It irked me somethin fierce. When I did get back to work, I realized pretty quickly it was time to find a new job.
I told my old boss to kick rocks and I took a job as a small equipment mechanic. I found a shop close to home, and its been one of my adult decisions. I work inside a heated garage (spent the past 5 new england winters outside). I get paid significantly better. My new boss is awesome. I get full use of the shop for my own stuff. Days off aren't a big deal. Its like working for a friend. Im never rushed, and im not treated like 'just a mechanic'
Im not 100% sure this is the best place to post this, but this is for the people out there in the blue collar trades who are feeling burnt out and under appreciated. The big bucks and cool bosses are out there, Hoss's
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2022.01.22 11:38 Chaoswsm H:list W:AA50c25/Q50c25 laser rifles or ULR

I got:AA50c50break, Ari50c15c, TsE25, F50c25 fixers. Bsss bear arm&pole hook. AAssblock super sledge&grognak axe. B50c15c gauss rifle, Ts2590 Gatling laser, AA50c15c 10mm smg. Be90 flamer&GP, Ve15R GP, Tse15R GP. Other grolls will consider too
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2022.01.22 11:38 justletmecomplainbro How to play Wolfenstein 2 in german on xbox one (game pass)?

Setting the language and location to german/y didn't work out. It's still in english. Is there a german language pack for the xbox one?
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