Lookah Seahorse Pro won't turn on or charge!

2022.01.22 11:22 Abysswatcher666 Lookah Seahorse Pro won't turn on or charge!

Worked last night charged fine and everything. This morning it won't turn in won't charge just no lights at all. Anyone thunk it's just completely dead and should replace it? I've had it for over a year now.
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2022.01.22 11:22 jensi123 [reddit] Alpha cock looking for a dedicated bi bud that wants to be a slave for me. Obeying me and milking me to celebs.

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2022.01.22 11:22 DanezGamez Lauren fights Minecraft Steve (+ Bonus)

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2022.01.22 11:22 zSpArkZzz_ So hot

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2022.01.22 11:22 jayjones1127 Biden, Japan PM Kishida vow to 'push back' on China | World News

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2022.01.22 11:22 whereisthefrog How do men feel when they receive nudes?

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2022.01.22 11:22 QuothTheRaven713 I had an eerie Encanto dream last night involving me, Bruno, and eventually Mirabel being trapped in some card-game labyrinth.

Good news, I had my first Encanto-related dream!
Bad news: it was eerie as all get-out. Though there were some sweet moments interspaced.
The dream started where I found myself in some building that looked like it had formerly been a school of some kind, but in the basement. The walls and flooring were all a beige-yellow color, and as I looked around me I saw there was a single card on the ground, bigger than the usual sort of trading card but formatted just the same. It was a deep purple with golden trim, saying "Welcome! Enjoy your stay!" in ornate lettering.
At that point a television against the wall flickered to life, though it didn't look like a normal TC. It was on a multi-level platform that could be heeled around, and rather than the rim being a square it was a wavering pattern of blue-and-purple bubbles that extended pretty far out from the screen. It looked like it was supposed to be inviting and playful, but it came off as really eerie instead.
A short video played, with the words spoken by the tauntingly-chipper voice being projected onto the screen. He explained that what I'd have to do in order to get out was find the clues in the cards, and find the right messages to lead me out of this maze of a building.
"But be warned!" the voice said with a jester's cackle, "the more time you spend here, the more you'll turn into one of us!" I saw the speaker for a moment and he looked like a sketch of a person, though with an elongated- distorted face, large eyes, and no color except for his blue outline, as if he were a sketch of a person outlined in blue colored-pencil.
Around that point the video looped, so I decided to run off and try to find a way out since Mr. Cackling Jester wasn't going to give me any more answers. I definitely didn't want to find out what he meant by that.
I went through the hallways and rooms, which were oriented on this eerie slant that felt slightly disorienting. Each portion of the labyrinth was covered in indigo bookshelves, surrounding a table covered with fantastical looking devices. I didn't dare touch them, but I just tried to look for some more cards. My eyes was eventually drawn to one sticking out of a bookshelf, and the book fell open, causing this weird sketch-like person to leap out from the book and attack me (having the similar outline look as the jester-speaker from the video). He was about my size, but clearly much stronger than me and I noticed that I was starting to have this weird static effect on my body, like I was being turned into some facsimile thing too.
Suddenly, the sketch-creature was overpowered and forced back into the book by the light of someone else with another card. I looked up and instantly recognized who it was.
"Bruno?" I asked.
Before I could scramble to my feet, Bruno lifted me up and kissed me, which definitely said to me that we were together in this universe. We broke apart and he looked relieved. "I wasn't about to let you turn into one of those guys!" He scurried over to the bookshelf and knocked on the wood. "Gotta make sure they can't come back," he muttered, knocking twice on the fallen book for good measure.
"Does that actually work?" I asked, figuring he had been here longer than me but side-lining the bookshelf all the same.
"Well," Bruno fiddled with his fingers, "every time I've done it, none of them have come back. so I figure, can't hurt, right?" He smiled, but it was lopsided, like he wasn't sure if it actually worked or they made him think it worked just to mess with him.
"Well, if it works, it works," I shrugged, leaving the room with him as we both wandered through the winding pathways. "Where's everybody else? Why were we brought here?"
"Don't know. Some got out... I think... Pepa did a bit before I found you..." Bruno tapped his knuckles together in a rapid nervous tic. "I think these people—whoever they are—were intrigued by us and wanted to figure us out." His eyes darted, looking left to right as we traversed for anything suspicious. Some of the rooms actually looked like normal hotel rooms, but we passed them by as Bruno seemed to regard them as only more suspicious. "Maybe they want to observe our powers, or absorb them...."
"But some of us don't have any powers," I said, gesturing to myself.
"Still Madrigals, so I guess it's good enough for the sketch-demons." Bruno looked at me in worry and took my hand. "Just be careful. You never know where they could be hiding."
I look over to my left and saw one of the the adjacent hotel-like rooms, the walls, floor, and bed all toned in gray with a diamond pattern on them, but I flicker of color by the bedside table caught my eye. "Bruno, look! I think I see a card in there!"
Bruno followed my gaze and let out a yelp, stopping in his tracks. "Uh, no, no, no, we shouldn't go in there!"
"Why not? It looks like a normal hotel room to me."
"That's how they trick you!" he insisted. "You go in there thinking 'I'll rest, it looks normal', and then things start changing and it's... it's..." He took a deep breath. "It's not pleasant."
I frowned, seeing his point but also thinking that card might be our way out. "That might be some sort of clue in there, or our ticket out. We'll just rush in, get the card, and get out." I knocked on the wood of the doorframe and took Bruno's hand. "Okay?"
Bruno nodded, and didn't let go of my hand as we raced into the room. I ran over to grab the card, turning it over to see what it said: "Fooled you, Madrigals!"
We spun around as I read it aloud, and we realized the door we had come through wasn't there anymore. Instead there was another doorframe that led to another gray-toned room opposite the bed.
"I told you!" Bruno exclaimed.
I found myself getting pretty scared as the room started to sway and distort around us, so we ran through the new pathway since it was the only option. As the room started shifting and distorting, and we realized there wasn't another door leading out, I noticed a sunlight-filled gap in the wall. I pointed out to Bruno, and we grasped our hands together tightly before leaping through.
We tumbled out to the other side, landing roughly on the concrete ground but relieved. I turned to look where we had leapt through, and saw the interior of the building distort before settling to a more stable form.
"We're out!" I laughed.
Bruno helped me up, but I saw his face fall as we looked around.
"No we aren't," he said.
While there was clearly some semblance of sunlight, it felt more like a spotlight than actual sun. A multitude of buildings surrounded us, all with that same boxy beige look as the interior of the labyrinth we had just left. And while there were people outside, they were all staring vacantly, like they were imitations of people or simulations.
"We're still inside," I grumbled. "And here I thought that would be our way out. I'm sorry, Bruno."
"No, no, it's okay, and things are a little different now so maybe we're closer?" Bruno tried to smile, but I could tell he was just as nervous as I felt.
"Tio Bruno! Tia!"
Bruno and I looked up and saw Mirabel running toward us, embracing us both in a hug.
"I was so worried!" Mirabel said. "Camilo found his way out a while ago but I think we're the only ones left."
A noticed a shadow cast over us at that moment, and the three of us looked up.
Even though it was clearly supposed to be daytime given the lighting of the buildings, the sky now had an approaching heavy darkness to it, almost like a tornado. I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes, and I could tell by the look on Bruno's face that this wasn't Pepa's doing, or anything she could stop.
I held tightly onto Mirabel and Bruno, and we tried to remain calm as we walked. But the array of people along the walkway kept sitting on the steps alongside the buildings. No one was reacting to the approaching storm at all, they were all just sitting there staring as if they were happily waiting to get killed by the tornado. Or waiting for the three of us to be sacrificed.
"Guys?" I whispered as I walked in-between them, the three of us holding onto each other for dear life.. "If we're going to die here, I want you to know I love you both. Differently, but I love you both. Don't ever leave me."
"Never, mi vida," Bruno whispered, giving me a light kiss though I could see the fear in his eyes.
"We all have to stick together," Mirabel agreed. "And we'll be fine!" Though I could tell her voice was faltering. "Madrigals got to,,, stick together..."
We ran into another building, shut the door behind us, and that was when I woke up.
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2022.01.22 11:22 AlphiCreative I painted this portrait of the late great Louie Anderson

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2022.01.22 11:22 jstq [for hire] digital human/pet portrait sketches

Hello, I can draw a digital portrait for you. The pricing is 50$ for a polished portrait sketch. One slot available
Here is my full terms and you can find a way to contact me at the end of it:
Examples of my works: https://imgur.com/a/tYRSe5s
Or on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jstqw/
Or on twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=(from%3Ajstfsdf)%20-filter%3Areplies&src=typed_query&f=live
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2022.01.22 11:22 amlai42 Driver door harness issue anyone?

2021 VW Atlas V6 AWD owner here, about 12000 km, bought in Canada in July 2021. Started noticing intermittent issues with the check engine light coming on in the fall. This was followed by random times when the emergency brake would activate while driving, the driver's side window rolling down, along with continued issues with the check engine light. These issues would seem to resolve on their own. For about a week now, I had the airbag light come on; this prompted me to bring my Atlas into the local VW dealership. They had told me that the issue is a driver door harness that is loose, and seems to be affecting numerous VW models, including the Jetta and Golf. They had told me at a minimum the part will take 3 weeks to come in from Germany, and had stated they had no loaners to give me, and could only offer me a VW Golf at Enterprise; that vehicle is way too small for my needs, so I declined. I am afraid that I have Googled this issue and on another Atlas forum website, there were owners there stating they have been waiting months.
Here is the link to what I had found: https://www.vwatlasforum.com/threads/error-driver-door-contact-switch.6359/
Has anyone here had/having experience with this issue? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 11:22 FlankRoosevelt LANCER is CRACKED | Rogue Company Gameplay

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2022.01.22 11:22 Jimilux I fear that the worst might happen again

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2022.01.22 11:22 Wottsy2000 Collecting rubbish during waste collection strikes.

The waste collectors in our city are striking until April. We have to take household waste to one of 5 drop off points instead, which is a pain in the neck.
Me and a friend wondered whether we could make a bit offering to take peoples waste for them to save the hassle. Imagine like an uber eats type service but instead of delivering food, we collect bags of rubbish. People request a pick up and leave the double bagged bags in their bin. We swing by and pick them up in the van.
Sound like a reasonable idea?
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2022.01.22 11:22 Randy6T9 Biden is sprinting towards impeachment. IMHO, he either resigns beforehand or we impeach him after the mid-term red wave. Teamwork makes the DREAM work!

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2022.01.22 11:22 alinaRomass3000 Kkkk

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2022.01.22 11:22 Ikcatcher Game keeps crashing every time I try to start the train PR showcase

Every time I start the showcase event, it starts the cutscene and then a few seconds later it just randomly sends me back to the Series X menu. Couldn’t find any solution to this online, anyone else having the same experience?
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2022.01.22 11:22 luchins raising rates would not fix declining purchasing power and it would crush employment

raising rates would not fix declining purchasing power and it would crush employment. and it would trigger actual hyperinflation, much worse than the inflation we have now, as the federal government teeters into insolvency
is this statment correct? Why does raising rates equal to unemployment?
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2022.01.22 11:22 SolidMoment6714 I made the apprentice's necklace! (Details + link in comments)

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2022.01.22 11:22 TourOld5889 Anyone use an air purifier here for allergies?

Looking for good budget recommendations (under £100)
I've seen these three so far but not sure how good they are. They all seem to have HEPA filters. Do these need to be replaced often and is it expensive.
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2022.01.22 11:22 mike-wkp Can someone identify this bird?

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2022.01.22 11:22 Perfect_Gas Elon Musk’s brain implant company ‘Neuralink’ moves closer to human trials

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2022.01.22 11:22 afineafternoontodie Trans gf (mtf) wants to look like me?

My trans gf (lesbian/mtf) recently came out to me (bi cis woman) after I kinda gave her the confidence and realisation she might not be cis (she was a bit in denial). Luckily, her fam supports her, and she has the resources for a smoother transitioning.
But I do find it weird that she seems to want to emulate me so hard. When she identified as a man, she already complimented me heavily and said I am her dream girl and exactly her type, but now she says if she could choose to look like anyone, it would be me.
She wants my hair colour, my exact boob size, my body type (except my height; she is tall and I am short; she likes it), even my round eyes, altho she has pretty cat eyes. She wants to do her makeup like me and dress a bit like me; she wants to have lips like me, too.
I do not mind it per se, but it is also kinda weird to me bc I feel like she should embrace her own features or work on them rather than trying to copy mine?! Is this just an extreme form of flattery???
I love her a lot, but it confuses me. Any advice?
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2022.01.22 11:22 Belcuesus Fused morphers!

By pure chance and circumstances you are suddenly in the middle of a battle between several power rangers and an immensely strong monster as a portal opens up spilling the combatants out on top of your car.
The power rangers are having a very difficult time attempting to deal with the villain.
It appears this monster can create portals and manipulate space giving the rangers an impossible target to strike, even worse it would appear that these rangers are from different teams entirely and are not used to fighting together. Bragging about his own seemingly invincible powers you learn this monster is called...."Phasatrix"
The rangers rally for a big attack only to be rebuffed by phasatrix in a massive wave of warped space. Phasatrix in a second attack then sweeps up two rangers in a localized portal cascading them through space backwards for several miles smashing in into eachother as the fall damags each ranger heavily. The portal opens about fifty feet back from where they started spilling out the de-morphed rangers and crashing out and into you.
Unconscious and beaten the rangers lay near you and you hear the slight clatter of their morphers as they tumble to the ground near you.
Knowing of the power rangers and until this very moment believing them all to be nothing but fictional characters you are nearly overwhelmed by it all.... Until you glance at the two morphers and a faint and echoing voice enters your mind. "May the power protect you".
Suddenly you notice Phasatrix launches a power laced beam of warped space plowing through the remaining rangers and is headed right for you and the unconscious and defenseless rangers next to you. In a moment of sheer instinct you dive for the morphers and just barley have a grip on them when Phasatrix's beam of powered space strikes you.
In a moment of extended agony it feels like time has frozen. Every second seems to drag on and on as the energy from the attack eats away at your body. It feels like hours since you were blasted and you can feel your life being burned away from you...except for your hands. Your hands holding the power morphers. Once your realize this instinct again kicks in and you raise your hands in attempt to block this energy with the morphers.
The voice returns again in your mind again with greater clarity an you recognize it as Zordon. " May. The Power Protect you". Hearing this you gain a flash of insight and activate not one but both morphers to protect you from this attack. Feeling the connection to both power morphers enegry floods through your body instantly ending the pain as you feel the warmth of the morphing grids protecton. Very very quickly time seems to return to normal for you as you hold a single morpher with attributes of the two rangers you inherited them from. A stunned and shocked Phasatrix and similarly stunned rangers now gaze upon a new stronger ranger.
Who are you? And what powers did you fuse?
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2022.01.22 11:22 AloneEntertainer6137 MARK BEHAVES LIKE A CRIME BOSS! 383 days straight of streams!

MARK BEHAVES LIKE A CRIME BOSS! 383 days straight of streams! https://www.twitch.tv/cousintom
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2022.01.22 11:22 _kiminara /Postpartum_Depression Subdirect Statistics

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