Nerd neck help

2022.01.22 12:37 yeeing-my-last-haw Nerd neck help

How do I get rid of nerd neck? It's especially painful when I wake up. Switch to no pillows? What stretches? Please help. I'm clueless
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2022.01.22 12:37 hcklebryjam wfl? not done yet

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2022.01.22 12:37 Serious-Ant4663 Electric safari with emolga

Hello im looking for electric safari but any safari works for me my friend code is
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2022.01.22 12:37 steamstream Badger's Diary - The Long Road to Zaton

Badger's Diary - The Long Road to Zaton The Prologue

When you kill a chimera you instantly become a local celebrity. The moment I showed up at the base with the bloody pelt of the mutant and a pair of its horns, my skills were acknowledged by the veterans. Our heavy weapons expert, Psycho Stallion, eyeballed the trophies.
”No way, Badger! You’ve killed it?! Damn, keep it up and I might begin to fear you,” he chuckled.
Yes, I had help, but no one in their right mind would go after a chimera on his own unless he had a good sniper rifle or a grenade launcher. Duty usually sent squads of four or five soldiers with heavy weaponry and preferably exoskeletons if they were hunting these mutants. But not everyone cheered my success. Griffith seemed to be slightly jealous of the attention I was getting. Two days after the memorable hunt he came up to me and said - ”I see you’re a good shot, Badger. Someone has to deliver the data we decrypted from the tablet you’ve found to Vector’s group in Zaton. You’re my best bet. Unfortunately I can’t spare my best men, they’re needed here, but you can take one or two of the scouts… Good hunting.”
The city was cut out from the rest of the Zone by numerous anomaly fields. When our team arrived at Pripyat for the first time we were using hired guides. The ones traveling so far north had cost an arm and a leg and I didn’t have that much money. Now my best bet was trekking through the system of underground tunnels seemingly connecting Pripyat and Jupiter Factory. Luckily, my newly acquired fame had earned me two companions. Two mercenaries named Razor and Barracuda agreed to accompany me to the Waste Processing Plant near Zaton.
5th March 2013, Southern Pripyat / 6 AM
After breakfast, the three of us packed our bags and said goodbye to the other mercs who wished us a safe journey. The entrance to the tunnels was located south of the Laundromat. When we arrived at that place, we saw a lone figure in a protective suit guarding the entrance. Upon a closer look I noticed bloodstains covering his garments and nervous twitching of the limbs…another victim of mind control. I gave a signal to my companions to lay low and pulled out an SVU with a red dot sight mounted on top. The shot echoed throughout the city, only slightly muffled by the suppressor. The road was clear.
We climbed down the ladder and found ourselves in a huge tunnel illuminated only by the green pools of acidic anomalies. The sound of wind howling in the corridors was sending chills down my spine. When our eyes got used to the twilight, we noticed a bunch of silhouettes wandering around aimlessly. This place was crawling with zombies! I backed off slowly and started thinking what to do. The frontal assault was risky, even with the horrible aim of these braindead stalkers, a stray bullet could end our journey. We could try taking them one by one but the gunshots could lure something worse from the depths of these tunnels. Then I remembered what one of the stalkers told me. He said that some guy from Freedom insisted that the zombified stalkers are harmless if you don't attack them first... In our situation that theory was worth testing. With the rifles held high we stepped in between the mindless walkers. That Freedom guy was right, the zombies didn't shoot. I wasn't even sure if they were aware of our presence. We slid past them unbeknownst that a worse danger awaits ahead of us.
After walking through a corridor filled with anomalies we found ourselves in a humongous hall under a cracked concrete dome. Rusting trains and warehouse containers were taking up half of the space. It would make a decent underground base if not for the anomalies. And snorks. We heard those abominable creatures before we saw them. Dozens of freaks in gas masks, a depressing remainder of the Zone's capabilities, but also fearful foes. We couldn't dream of taking them head on, instead I led my companions to a small building surrounded by graviconcentrates.
We prepared our grenades and threw a few in the middle of the pack, killing a few creatures. The rest of the snorks leapt towards us. A few more died in the anomalies and we killed those who reached the building from a close distance. We gathered some of their body parts to sell them to scientists from Yanov before heading our way.
The rest of the journey was rather quiet. We met a few snorks and tushkanos but took care of them before they could touch us. At the end of the tunnel we found a stairwell leading to the surface and soon we were outside, breathing the fresh air.
The early evening was warm and sunny, opposed to the rainy morning we experienced in Pripyat. After getting out of the tunnel, this felt like arriving at a completely different place, even if we were able to see the city we came from on the horizon. We took a stroll towards the Jupiter factory and met a group of stalkers camping by the entrance to the complex. They were getting ready to raid the bandit camp nearby and we offered our help if they agreed to split the loot. Our joint forces obliterated the criminals in a quick firefight and found their stash of drugs. The half-used blisters and empty vodka bottles scattered on the ground explained why these thugs fought so poorly- they were simply too doped to shoot straight.
Later that day, me and two of my companions stopped by the Mobile Lab near Yanov station to sell the mutant samples to Ecologists. Professor Hermann offered us a job deploying anomaly scanners but we didn't have time for that and we headed further north, to Zaton.
5th March 2013, Zaton / 5 PM
We arrived at the Waste Processing Station in the late evening. The tall, grim building was towering over the drying, radioactive marshlands. The place used to be guarded by Hook's and Ridge's men. Some time after their failure, the abandoned facility was chosen as the base by Vector's group. I could see logic in his decision, the tall buildings of the station were a good lookout and allowed his men to control the road to Jupiter. However, Vector and his team must've lost their sense of smell if they didn't mind staying there.
After getting through the fence of the facility we were greeted by the guards patrolling the area. One of them showed us the way to their leader. Vector was a slim guy in his early thirties. Even though his eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses, his twitchy movements revealed the liking he had for coke or amp.
"What are you guys looking for - guns? Ammo? Food?" the merc asked abruptly.
"Our contact from Pripyat is dead. Here is his tablet, Griffith wants you to deliver it to Dushman."
"Dead? Fuck! Okay, I'll send someone there," he said. "Anything else? If not, get lost. Some of us have work to do."
Yeah, sure... work. Snorting drugs and selling surplus gear to wealthy stalkers... I began wondering why Dushman even wants them there. In the end I bought a few mags of 7N1 ammo for my rifle, however it became apparent that we won't make any money in this place. We decided to try and reach Skadovsk before dusk, sleep there and ask for some jobs.
Approaching the dock cranes we heard sounds of a battle going on by the shipwreck. When we came closer, we saw that the stalkers guarding Skadovsk were under attack by a large horde of dogs and pseudodogs. Two of the guards were already dead and the other was trying to keep the attacking mutants at bay, but they started pouring in onto the upper deck. We came in to help the lone defender and together we managed to kill all the animals.
Our intervention won us a few favours among the people staying on the ship. We got some food and a place to stay. Right on time, because our money was already stretched pretty thin. Tomorrow we had to start making some cash, but tonight we had a bed to sleep in and roof above our heads. And that mattered the most...
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2022.01.22 12:37 LoveMangaBuddy Read King Of Battlefield - Chapter 7 - MangaBuddy

Family and the safety of others are our priorities. Murim comes next. My wife who is like a rabbit is my first priority, next is my daughter who is like a fox. Next will be my son who is like a bear, and my other priorities are father, mother, and younger brother… I cannot see the safety of murim as my priority. Is it my business to care about what happens to murim? Murim, I will save it too if I ... Read King Of Battlefield - Chapter 7 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.22 12:37 CosmosMagazine What causes a tsunami?

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2022.01.22 12:37 Hilows1 I drew OP2 of Ousama Ranking, I love this anime

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2022.01.22 12:37 50ShadesOfSack Is it worth the risk to make the jump?

Hi all, I currently work at an assisted living facility serving about 150 residents a night. The job is “nice,” but it’s a bit too cushy for me, it feels like. When I first got here, the old executive chef had it out for me and made me to be a full time dishwasher to try and make me quit. Well, HE quit but the stigma still remains. Most people at the job see me as incapable and bumbling; I’ve had somebody straight up come up to me and say “it’s been general consensus that you’re a handicap, you know that right?” Even if I feel that I’m as capable of work as the rest of the chefs are. I signed up for a line cook position, not to be the cabin boy. That being said, is it worth the risk, potential pay decrease, and increase in work to try to find somewhere with a bit more prestige where I’d be seen as an equal? I’ve learned some here at this job, but it feels like I could be learning so much more at another place where I’m seen as an equal. I’ve been cooking for about 7 years now (21M), 3-4 years professionally. Currently full time enrolled at school. Am I out of my head to look for a sous position or a lead line cook position?
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2022.01.22 12:37 CosmosMagazine Man who tried to measure weather & war

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2022.01.22 12:37 GlitchyDebug The Alexandria's logs

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2022.01.22 12:37 boom_bunny Recommendations for a Gift Card

Hello all! 33F been following this sub for a few years now and finally want to start upping my skincare routine. I got a gift card for Christmas for $50 at Ulta and want to try out some new products for the next stage of my skin. I’m looking for recommendations for inexpensive but possible holy grail products. I see The Ordinary Brand listed on here a lot and budget-wise that’s probably where I would like to start.
My skin: In my teens and 20s I had really dry skin and suffered from consistent hormonal/stress acne on my chin. I switched during the pandemic of just using micellar makeup and grim remover and that super helped my dry skin but 50/50 with outbreaks.
Lately I’ve been getting more bouts of acne on my chin and cheeks that may be mask related so will switch from cloth masks and disposal masks a few times a week.
Overall my skin is pretty okay. I haven’t run into any major line issues or sun damage, (Goth girl in highschool), so besides childhood freckles, I don’t think I have many sunspots. I do have clogged pores on my nose, so more obvious blackheads there. I stopped smoking about 6 years and in general feel like a cleaner person for it.
I also started doing a modified Curly-Person method for my hair during the pandemic and have noticed my hairline will get super flakey. I got a sample of the Ren Ready Steady and found it helped at gently removing that skin buildup and bought a full size bottle a month or so ago.
My mother also has pretty young looking skin and probably didn’t start “looking her age” until her late 50s-60s. Not baby face stuff but youthful considering. I would say I have more of a baby face though.
Current routine: Every few days I’ll use Ren Ready Steady Glow AHA tonic after a shower. I typically will mix my foundation and moisturizer together because I don’t like a lot of product on skin. I started doing this because my skin was so dry too.
When I do wash my face and not use the micellar cleanser, I’ll use Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser in the shower. I know it’s probably better to wash my face after the shower but I’m usually running late in the morning.
Annnd, that’s pretty much it! My foundation has SPF in it, so during the winter I haven’t used another SPF. In the summer I would add SunBum face SPF.
I reckon I’m looking for suggestions for gentle exfoliates, better moisturizer and baby step recs for wrinkle prevention.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to any recommendations you have for a newbie like myself. You all have GREAT SKIN and all seem so lovely and nice.
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2022.01.22 12:37 Nitinnikky Ro-hitman sharma

Most centuries under virat kohli's captaincy All ither batsmen - 19 Rohit sharma - 18 We love Rohit sharma
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2022.01.22 12:37 travelchili 🚆SlowTV Train Journey Nara to Kami-Koma - JR West Nara Line - Japan Cab Ride [10:31]

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2022.01.22 12:37 everythingMaYHeM Game Pass

Most of my game pass games will not load. Crash on loading screen. Madden. Halo. The Show. Some do work. Anybody have any idea why this is happening?
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2022.01.22 12:37 CreativeStrawberry11 About the Volcano plastic grinder . . .

Do many use it? If following the suggestion in the manual to re-grind before finished with a chamber, do you use the same grinder? Is vaping enough to make the flower brittle enough to make re-grinding with the same grinder effective?
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