Big John Wrencher & Snooky Pryor

Film and television. Big, a 1988 fantasy-comedy film starring Tom Hanks; Big!, a Discovery Channel television show Richard Hammond's Big, a television show presented by Richard Hammond; Big, a 2012 South Korean TV series; Banana Island Ghost, a 2017 fantasy action comedy film; Music. Big: the musical, a 1996 musical based on the film; Big Records, a record label ... The Matrix (1999) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Lifts just make life easier when working on a car! With the push of a button the car goes up, and with a push of the lever it goes down. Our 2-post lifts hold 10,000 lbs, Bay 1’s 4-post (drive on) holds 9,000 lbs and is great for low cars, Bay 7’s 4-post holds 14,000 lbs 180 in wheel base and is great for trucks! John Muir (1838–1914) was born in Scotland and emigrated to Wisconsin as a young boy. His lifelong passion for hiking began when he hiked to the Gulf of Mexico in 1867. Moulin Rouge! (2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. An evocative description of the ceremony, at St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights, opens Blue Nights. It was—though Didion doesn’t say so—supposed to mark the end of Quintana’s blue ... Classic & Vintage - The rider, the wrencher, the collector… who are you? - I recently met a guy who owned hundreds of vintage mid-level French bikes, bought over a lifetime to honor French craftsmanship and keeping them in the garden without riding or working on them. I realized then how vintage passion can be John Oliver Still Can't Believe They Milked 'The Da Vinci Code' Into Three Tom Hanks Blockbusters ... Lives Every Wrencher's Nightmare Curious 1 day ago. To say Tony Rotundo's first oil change on his recently-acquired 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S was a disaster would be an understatement. 565. The movie of course goes to the extreme with John’s actions but it highlights the health care crisis that America faced at the time. Denzel provides another great performance and the ending is a gut wrencher. Combined with the message that made John Q one hell of a movie. C He is especially noted as a main accompanist for Jimmy Reed; he also worked for John Lee Hooker, Big Walter Horton, Sam Lay, and others. Earwig Music Company recorded him with Kansas City Red and Big John Wrencher for the album Original Chicago Blues. He later teamed up with Earring George Mayweather, ...

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2022.01.22 11:18 CKWOLFACE Games?

Does anyone know how many Gundam games were translated & released in America? I know there were a couple covering the One year war, a Zeta one that also covered a bit of the one year war & some fighting games, plus the others on ps consoles & 2 or 3 on steam...
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2022.01.22 11:18 Frustratedgf26 My bf wants to break up but doesn’t

Hello all. I (26/f) have been in a relationship with my bf (27/m) for a year and a half. This week he decided to throw the idea of breaking up on the table bc I don’t have the same passions and genuine Interest that he does. This all came as a shock to me. I thought we were fine. Yes we argue and stuff like that but not to this point. Anyways, he said that he wants someone who already has these hobbies and that the whole time we been together I haven’t grown to like them to which I said he could teach me and introduce me. But he says it has to come from me, so then I can share that with him. And I have tried to get into cars by going to meets with him but it’s difficult to get all into it when idk where to start.
Also, he said we both want diff people bc he doesn’t make me happy when all I want are compliments and cuddles.
I gave him the option to break up there and then bc I don’t wanna live in this limbo of waiting for him just to dump me and he just said he doesn’t wanna break up bc he cares about me and I asked him well what other reasons don’t you wanna break up? And he just said “I don’t know” and started crying.
I feel like he’s going through a crisis bc he said he’s not happy all around with his life and might be taking it out on me. But I’m ready to walk out bc I don’t deserve this. We’re supposed to be taking time for us to reflect and he’s still asking me to hang out and such.
I do love him a lot. And I’ve tried to give him ideas on how to work through this but he had a “but” for every single one. I feel hopeless.
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2022.01.22 11:18 hte53y3g Easy to use online Battle map tool?

Do you have any recommendations for a (fast) online map tool for running e.g. D&D battles?
Life has gotten hectic lately and quarantine restrictions are in force again, so normal solution with grid paper irl is unfortunately off the table.
Do you have some tools that let you easily set up battles on the fly?
(Bonus points & my eternal gratitude if you have a youtube link showing it in practice)
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2022.01.22 11:18 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

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Publisher: Emergent Shores
Out Date: 2022-01-20
Quality: MP3 10.34 Mb / AIFF 45.37 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Neava - Moon Over Miami / (Key Gm, BPM 128, Length 4:17)​
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just thought of this. had to share. that’s all.
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2022.01.22 11:18 Fattatron3000 Justin 944

Hey guys! I am Justin no. 944. I am the Justin from Earth 1610, so you can call me Ultimate Justin, but most people just call me stupid. I play the piano and viola, and my passions are quantum mechanics, robots, and astronomy.What do you guys think makes a Justin a Justin?
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2022.01.22 11:18 spazattitude Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this black box on the lower left of my screen it's their on the play screen and when I'm in a game. Ps: still their after restarting the game and my console.

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2022.01.22 11:18 NicolaSuCola Is there a playthrough of the story?

Is there a playthrough anywhere with all the cutscenes and dialogs of the main story of the game? At least in Japanese? Found the OST of the game and suddenly felt an urge to see how the story finished lol (I did not get to do so when I was playing :()
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2022.01.22 11:18 AverageRPGPlayer Hypothetically, who would win?

-A really tall glass pyramid that's getting in everyone's way
-Some bitch at the bottom with a hammer and chisel?
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2022.01.22 11:18 themxm Can anybody identify the audio drama that Jim O'Rourke played throughout his recent radio show?

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2022.01.22 11:18 Jimmy762x39 [WTS] Wildthings Hardshell MC jacket XS $130 shipped (CO)

Jacket has only been worn a couple of times. Definitely for a a smaller person. Unfortunately the length was to short for me. Priced to sell of course. $130 shipped
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2022.01.22 11:18 rakosten Helping my mom moving to her new apartment and found this. So glad to see that she’s doing her work out.

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2022.01.22 11:18 jpaltn Why Brett Lee did NOT end Unmukt Chand's career

With the U-19 World Cup underway and former Indian U-19 Unmukt Chand making his Big Bash debut, a few cyclic myths find themselves back in the popular cricket discourse. Cricket has never been short of them, whether it be the story of 1 ball, 286 runs or the myth about the unlucky Australian number 87 started by none other than Australia's greatest all-rounder himself. One such story that is very hard to escape each time Unmukt Chand makes headlines concerns the very first delivery of IPL 2013.. Reddit, Twitter, or random clickbaity websites, it is one of the very few things that unites all the Indian cricket fans who get super enthusiastic about U-19 cricket every 24 months. This is one of the earliest Reddit comments to joyously reminisce Chand's dismissal and here is the more popular version celebrating it as the end of his career. As always, Twitter was years ahead.
Let's revisit the claim: 20-year-old Unmukt Chand's career got over the moment he got clean bowled for a duck against the fastest bowler in the world. Maybe reading it out loud makes the truth self-evident, in which case you can stop reading this entirely pointless post. But read on if you need more convincing on why the claim is nothing but a brazen exaggeration.
Duck on debut?
Yes and no. Unmukt Chand did get bowled for a duck on his IPL debut, but that happened two years before the Brett Lee dismissal in this match. Getting bowled for a duck by a world-class fast bowler in his first match of the season was not a unique experience for Chand. In fact, 2013 was his third IPL season. He had already played 4 matches across 2 seasons before the Lee dismissal and played 16 more matches across 4 seasons after that. All this happened without any sort of success and he finished with an average of 15 in the IPL, so the Lee dismissal was not any sort of blip in his IPL career.
Besides, getting bowled for a duck on debut is hardly something remarkable. Chand has the company of the likes of Dhawan, Williamson, Hutton, Martyn, JP Yadav, Trumper, Saleem Malik, and Mathews in that regard. That's not bad company. Yes, Unmukt's dismissal looked ugly but Dhawan hardly looked any better. And Dhawan got done by Clint Mckay, not Brett Lee.
U-19 captaincy and early career
Before we dive deeper into Unmukt's senior career, it would be helpful to look at how Indian U-19 captains are selected. Chand, like most other Indian U-19 captains, had already made his first-class debut before the U-19 World Cup. In fact, current U-19 captain Yash Dhull is only the second U-19 captain after Parthiv Patel in 2002 to not have made his senior cricket debut before the World Cup. Parthiv is a curious case because he hadn't even played U-19 cricket for India before leading them at the World Cup. Even more interesting is the fact that Parthiv went on to play 19 tests for India before he played his first match for his state side Gujarat. Yash Dhull, on the other hand, hasn't had the chance to play senior cricket owing to BCCI's allergy to the Ranji Trophy but he has been one of the most consistent batters in domestic U-19 competitions.
There are several factors that go into the selection of the Indian U-19 captain: performance in senior cricket, international U-19 cricket, domestic U-19 cricket etc. The most important domestic tournaments that the U-19 players play are the Cooch Behar Trophy (domestic U-19 red ball tournament) and the Vinoo Mankad Trophy (domestic U-19 50 overs competition). Here is a table indicating how the Indian U-19 captains fared in senior and U-19 cricket before they led the team at the World Cup (runs (avg.)):

Player First Class List A U19 Tests U19 ODI Cooch Behar Vinoo Mankad
M Senthilnathan 18 (9) - 169 (21.13) 114 (28.5) 131 (43.67) -
A Pagnis 112 (22.4) - 219 (36.5) 239 (39.83) 1270 (57 (72) 537 (76.71)
M Kaif 948 (43.09) 431 (28.73) 46 (46) 450 (64.28) 1356 (64.57) 104 (34.66)
P Patel - - - - 747 (49.8) 132 (33)
A Rayudu 1609 (45.97) 468 (26) 37 (18.5) 401 (80.2) 634 (48.76) 212 (23.55)
R Shukla 175 (35) 122 (40.67) - 414 (31.84) 1047 (45.52) 737 (32.04)
V Kohli 630 (45) 70 (23.33) 932 (51.77) 743 (46.43) 218 (72.67) 227 (28.3)
A Menaria 32 (5.33) 61 (15.25) 81 (27) 172 (43) 812 (47.76) 227 (37.67)
U Chand 738 ( 43.41) 341 ( 28.42) - 903 (75.25) 508 (50.8) 581 (44.69)
V Zol 665 (47.5) 252 (36) 301 (150.50) 1284 (45.85) 2385 (113.57) 1209 (52.56)
I Kishan 736 (40.89) 150 (21.42) - 113 (18.83) 627 (48.23) 597 (59.7)
P Shaw 961 (56.52) 102 (14.57) 250 (62.5) 361 (36.1) 1133 (62.94) 469 (52.11)
P Garg 867 (66.69) 707 (47.13) - 550 (36.67) 1195 (49.79) 945 (52.5)
Y Dhull - - - 52 (17.33) - 878 (51.64)
There can be multiple routes to U-19 captaincy. You could either make it by making an excellent start to your senior career like Rayudu and Shaw, dominating the U-19 domestic competitions like Zol, Kishan, and Kaif, having a volume of international U-19 runs behind you like Kohli, or by doing well in pretty much everything you play like Garg. Chand had a decent start to his senior career and scored loads of runs in U-19 cricket, so he ticked almost all the boxes when he led the Indian team at the 2012 U-19 World Cup.
Post World Cup career
I'm going to skip the part everyone already knows. Chand led the U-19 team to World Cup success with a match-winning century in the final and was believed by experts like Ian Chappell to be ready for international cricket. Then he got bowled by Brett Lee for a golden duck and now everyone thinks that Lee ended his career. But the next time someone tells you this, ask them to match these events with the corresponding number in the following figure showing Unmukt's first-class and List A average:
A. Chand captains India A for the first time
B. Chand captains India A for the last time
C. Chand leads a team in the Ranji Trophy
D. Chand gets bowled by Brett Lee
The answer is D -> 1, A -> 2, B -> 3, C -> 4. Everything mentioned occurred after the Lee dismissal. Chand's List A record actually improved substantially after that dismissal and he even had the chance to lead India A for a 2-year run during this period. Here is an interesting scorecard from the period. Notice that each member of this team went on to represent India, except for the captain of the team Unmukt Chand.
However, while his List A record was improving, his first-class career never really picked up steam after a promising start. This is what actually caused Chand's decline and led to Delhi dropping him at a time he was leading India A. Here is a table showing batters with a minimum of 2000 runs in the Ranji Trophy since Chand's debut sorted by their batting average:
Name Inns Runs Avg.
1 RG Sharma (Mum) 31 2423 93.19
2 RA Jadeja (Sau) 37 2357 73.66
3 S Badrinath (TN) 46 2700 67.5
4 CA Pujara (Sau) 63 3704 66.14
5 RK Singh (UP) 40 2007 60.82
. . . . .
110 U Chand (Del) 90 2946 35.07
. . . . .
140 PR Shah (Bar) 93 2101 24.43
Chand ranks at a shocking 110th place among 140 batters. That puts him behind the likes of Piyush Chawla and Shreyas Gopal. And that is something that never really changed throughout his career. It might be due to the flying stumps on the very first ball of the IPL capturing people's imagination, the endless possibilities that an unknown prodigy brings, or some perverse sense of gratification that a few might receive from the failures of a young talent, but the myth of Lee ending Chand's career still lives.
The reality is often more boring than we want it to be. While the story of a teenage prodigy throwing it all away due to early success getting into his head sells well, it is far from the truth for Chand. In that respect, Unmukt Chand is more like Vijay Zol and Ashok Menaria than Vinod Kambli. But there are many reasons why Zol and Menaria don't receive half as much microanalysis as Chand: they didn't win the World Cup, they didn't get a Pepsi deal, and they weren't as charming or eloquent as Chand to be seen as Indian cricket's next golden boy.
As someone who played against Chand in that World Cup, Arnie Yugaraja explains quite well in this AMA how different players evolve and peak differently, so it is unfair to judge them by what happened so early in their careers. Of all the Indian U-19 captains, the reality is that only one has really gone on to be among the world's best so far. So, while the U-19 World Cup is a fantastic competition, it might not be a bad idea to temper your expectations a little as you watch it.
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